A Visit to my Former School

My son is already in Kinder 2 and his school is located in front of my former school in high school. So I went to my former school, took some photos of my favorite place and I shared it on my instagram and Facebook account. Truly, a lot of people who graduated from the same school liked and commented in my photo saying they also missed the place.

This is the photo that I shared in my Instagram and Facebook account, this is a photo of our library, mini-library. This is where I spent almost all of my free time, and this is where I have developed my love for books and reading. We have a small place for a library and sometimes it can’t cater to all the enrolled students in this school.

Looking at the photo above I am thinking of telling the people who manage the school to add some tables and chairs inside and outside the library. They can try out ca patio furniture for a slight and unique change in the school library. The students needs something refreshing while studying and reading their lessons so a furniture with a different look might enticed them to visit the school library more often.

I see schools that has great furniture and yes, I would say that it has a positive effect on the students. They spend more time inside the library than in the malls. Adding a little twist might be the answer to bring more students to the place.

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