Anniversary Gift Ideas

We celebrated our 1st Anniversary last December and the BF didn’t give me any anniversary gifts. But he surprised me with a bouquet of Pink Flowers and a Yellow Cab pizza when I woke up. I didn’t expect any gifts because having him in my life is a great gift already.

I want to share with you some anniversary gift ideas that I believe would make your girlfriends happy. If you can afford it, try to give her an anniversary diamond ring because diamond is a woman’s best friend and it will make her happy more than ever.

But if you don’t have that big amount of money, you can give her simple gifts that you don’t need to spend some money on. Try giving her personalized gifts such as cards and love letters, plus flowers that you have asked from your neighbor, it will make her smile too. And she would appreciate it more because you have worked hard on it just to make your anniversary more memorable.

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