Anniversary Gifts

The hardships, trials, sufferings and pains, including the joyful experiences, are the spices of every relationship and marriage, which make it worth fighting and living for. However, these things become even more significant upon celebrating Anniversaries. Indeed, nothing is comparable to the entrancing feeling of celebrating the things which brought out the best and worst of us.
Anniversaries are special occasions, which are celebrated once a year. As a woman, this is one of the events that I am looking forward to whenever I am in a romantic relationship. Since it is a special occasion, things need to be exceptional also including gifts. Anniversary gifts for him, on the other hand, need not to be that luxurious, but somehow other people tend to associate the value of gifts to the degree of their love to the person. Well, gifts are really up to the person because things like this are very subjective. However, as for me, Luxurious or not, it is still the thought that counts. The essence of it is just making your day very special and memorable to nurture your love to each other.

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  1. yes, anniversary is very memorable and should be celebrated… so once anniversary is coming let’s just celebrate, fun and party! party! party! :)) heheh

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