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As a mother to two kids, I have finally came to realize what are the things that I should be buying for me and my kids needs. Sometimes there are things that I find suitable for me but I cannot easily buy in any department stores simply because they do not sell it. I am glad though that I have finally found the online store that cater my needs and my kids needs as well.

Of course, I am a meticulous mother so I checked out the site’s About Us page and found this incredible description of their site:

  • Founded in 2009, is an online retail of hard to find items for juvenile products for infants through toddlers. We carry a carefully selected assortment of the finest quality baby gear, nursery and feeding accessories, baby aids plus variety of wooden mobiles, toys and more! At Babies to Toddlers, we strive to offer only the best quality products tailored toward your lifestyle and based on your child’s development. Each product is pre-selected for innovation, excellence, social consciousness, development appropriateness and styles.

It is so tiresome to go around different malls and boutiques just to look for the things that I need that is why I like this online store so much because I can just sit down in front of my computer and browse their store then buy something that I need without spending on the gas and without exerting too much effort to find the thing that I need at the moment.

One thing that caught my attention when I was browsing Babies To Toddlers is the Baby Bond Nursing Sash. Being a breastfeeding mom, it was so hard for me when I gave birth to my first-born because I need to bring him whenever I go and yes, it was awkward when I breastfed him in public areas. After 5 years, I came to know about this great product innovation and I learned to LOVE IT. If you are a new mom and the thing that keeps you from breastfeeding your child in public is the prying eyes of other people on your breast, then you should worry no more. You don’t have to buy that expensive nursing tops in the department store because the magical Nursing Sash is here to cover your breast but not your child’s face.


Another product that I find helpful is the Aqueduck Children Faucet Extender now that I have a first-grader. My son is 6 years old already and it is quite hard for me to pick him up and wash his hands in the sink, so having the Aqueduck Children Faucet Extender will be of great help for me and my son. He can now manage to wash his own hands without me carrying him because the water can now reach his dirty hands.


And now, we are into the YUMMIEST part of this blog post, the giveaway mechanics! Yes, Babies To Toddlers will sponsor a giveaway here in my blog. There are two winners for this giveaway, Winner #1 will win an Aqueduck Children Faucet Extender while Winner #2 will win a pack of Potty Covers. Just log in to the Rafflecopter below and Follow the Mandatory requirement in order for you to join the raffle and of course there are Optional requirements too to gave you more chance of winning.

I will have to choose the winner using the Rafflecopter and Babies To Toddlers will verify the winners first before I announce it here in my blog so be sure to follow all the mandatory requirements.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. erika says:

    I’m torn! I have set my eyes on so many wonderful products. But I’ll choose the one that I’d really need, the Undercover Mama Nursing Shirt! 🙂

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