Baby Food Utensils

My baby daughter is 6 months already and it’s FEEDING TIME for her. I bought a lot of Gerber products for her and Cerelac too. But of course, she needs her own utensils right? So when we went to the Cagayan de Oro City to attend Angkong Ondoy’s birthday, we went shopping for her milling bowl. I saw this one and its on sale (10% off) so I bought it.I only paid around $1.90 for this Bebeta milling bowl which is BPA free and has passed or satisfied the national standard of health and safety inspection of FDA. It comes with a free spoon and I love its color, PINK.

Last Thursday we went to Davao City, I saw this Tommee Tippee travel cutlery set:

And I never hesitated to buy it! Why? It is ideal for travel and w are always on the go. I used to bring my daughter’s spoon and wrap it with table napkin but it can’t assure me if it is still clean before I use it. Having this travel cutlery set I don’t have to worry no more. It is quite expensive though, I have paid $6 for it.

7 thoughts on “Baby Food Utensils

  1. It’s always healthy for our kids/baby to have their own utensils..My daughter is already one and a half year old and I always have a clean spoon in My bag in case she will eat outdoor..

  2. ohh, baby stuffs are way cuter. It’s like a doll’s accessories only hehe. Tommee tippee, as far as I know, produced the best baby products.

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