Back to School

Summer vacation is over and the kids will be busy for school again. We went shopping for the kid’s school supplies and it was hell. I mean, there are so many people buying for their children’s school supplies at the mall. I made sure that I only bought the things that my kids really need because we are on a tight budget nowadays. I already made a list before we go to the mall in order not to forget anything but I have forgotten to include in my list the bf’s beer brewing kits.

For JB, we bought a backpack, paper pads, and a raincoat (it’s rainy season already). He still has his pencils from last year and he doesn’t need a notebook yet because he is in Kinder 2. For Tpai, we bought socks, notebooks, and 2 sets of new uniforms, black shoes, a violin, and pens. We didn’t buy a new bag for her because her bag is still okay and she doesn’t need to buy a new one just yet. Unnecessary expense should be avoided nowadays because it is not that easy to earn money and we still have to pay for their tuition fees.


  1. Lalah says:

    My baby who just turned two is sad with this going back to school because it means Kuya Icee her only playmate at home is not going to be there to play with her 🙁

  2. Marie says:

    Making a list is really important, I also make sure that I make a list first before I live the house whenever I plan to go and buy stuff..

  3. Olga says:

    Yup! Unnecessary expenses should be avoided. Tuition fees are so high nowadays that we parents must learn how to be frugal to be able to send the kids through college.

    • zoan says:

      we can’t send our kids to college if we don’t have enough money:( why is it that education is so expensive?

  4. Gil Camporazo says:

    Let’s live within our means as the traditional maxim reminds. What you did by preparing a list of things of what to buy is one of the best practices in managing a family budget. At least, you’ve said some efforts.

  5. Sumi says:

    When I was still a student, my mom would always let us buy our school supplies as early as March (April the latest) ’cause she doesn’t want us to get crushed with the influx of shoppers when the start of classes are nearing.. XD Anyway, I definitely agree that we should cut unnecessary expenses.

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