Birthday Gift Ideas for MEN

My father celebrated his 52nd birthday last August 28 and it prompted me to create this post. I have not bought any gift for my father because I have no budget for it but I will buy a gift for him this Christmas so that he will feel special, after all he is my father.

There are so many things/stuffs/items that you could buy and give to your dads/hubbies but you want to give him something special, something out of the ordinary, and something that he will treasure because he received it from you. There are so many personalized stuffs you could buy online now, there are mugs that has prints on it r perhaps photos of you and your dad/hubby. You could also try out printed tees that says “The Best Dad Ever” or “The Best Hubby in the World”. But of course, leather wallets are still best birthday gift ideas for men. They are women first choices among belts, bags and gadgets I believe.

But if your budget cannot afford it, you can still give him the best birthday gift ever and that is a simple hug and kiss.

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