Birthday Gift Ideas

My son turned 6 years old last April 20 and though I was not able to prepare for his birthday, he still had a blast. I was so busy last April because my grandmother who lives in Bohol died and we needed to be there for her burial.

And even though it was a last minute preparation, my son still enjoy his birthday party in my cousin’s private resort. We only invited our close friends and relatives and I forgot to buy him a birthday gift. But still, he was overwhelmed by our food preparation that he forgot to ask where his birthday gift is. Actually, the very reason why I wasn’t able to buy a gift for him was that I didn’t know what to buy him anymore. He has a PSP, an iPad, NERF guns, toy cars, hot wheels and match box, scooter, bike and the list goes on and on.

But I know in the future, buying himĀ  birthday gifts will not be a problem anymore, because he is a music lover kind of kid so maybe when he grows up he will still have this love for music. I really hope that he will continue to love singing and that he will learn to play the piano, the drums and the guitars. So that when he grows up, I will need to check on how I can save on fender telecaster. Because I know he will ask for one in his future birthdays to come.

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