Birthday Giveaway Winners

There were 17 bloggers who joined my giveaway, 2 got the correct answer so they got 8 points each, and 15 who got 6 points each. I have cut 106 small pieces of paper in order to write each participant’s name in it. I have not made a video of the way I have raffled it because I do not know how to upload it here in my blog, I only took some pictures and God have seen who WON. So without further ado, let me introduce you to the winners.

The Main Prize winner is none other than :

Main Prize Winner: Lucky Ruby

The 2nd Prize Winner:

The 3rd Prize Winner:

Congratulations to all the WINNERS. Please leave a comment here using your email address where I can contact you. In case you haven’t read the answer to the giveaway question, read the post before this one to know about it.

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