Boosting Baby’s Immune System

We went to Chicay’s Pediatrician last Wednesday for her 2nd dose of IPD vaccine. And while waiting for our turn, I took some leaflets from her Pediatrician’s assistant’s table. There is this one leaflet from Abbott that shares some things that parents can do to boost their baby’s immune system and I would love to share with you. Some may already know about these things but others may have not known about it. So let me share these tips with you:

  • Breastfeed for as long as possible. Then transition to a diet recommended by your physician.
  • Be sure your child’s vaccinations are up to date. Check with your doctor about what your child needs.
  • Provide a healthy diet. Lack of certain vitamins and minerals may weaken immune response. Diets with nucleotides (lean meat and mushrooms), prebiotics (nuts, beans and whole grains), and probiotics (yogurt), may help strengthen the immune system.
  • Avoid exposure to cigarette smoke and toxic substances (such as household cleaners, fertilizers and pesticides). This can result in a weakened immune system.
  • Be sure your child gets enough sleep. Rest helps the immune system stay at its peak.
  • Don’t forget physical activity. You know that exercise is good for physical and mental development. Now you know it’s good for immunity too.
  • Reduce unnecessary stress. The immune system is sensitive to stress and affects the body’s ability to respond to infection. Try to keep your child’s environment calm.

These are what was written in Abbott’s leaflet. These I believe are the basic things to do in order to boost our children’ immune system but we can still add some to this long list such as provide them with vitamins.


11 thoughts on “Boosting Baby’s Immune System

  1. I agree with all your points especially on the smoke, I don’t smoke nor does my husband but my BIL and his then wife does (we live together back in the days), my son has a weak immune system due to that and he has even had bronchitis… :/

  2. It is very frustrating to see baby’s get sick. I didn’t have the chance to breastfeed my kids because I am under medication. Good thing my kids turn out to be healthy boys who rarely get hospitalized. thank God 🙂

  3. kids are sensitive and are prone to get sick especially when their immune system aren’t fully equipped to handle bacterias yet, so it’s very important for them to at least get a proper nutrition. smoke? that’s unavoidable and it’s very sad because second hand smoke inhalation is really bad and i hate it especially when we’re in the public. we have neighbor who smokes in the hallway and i aways have to close the door when he does it.

  4. i never breastfed and never gave my kid’s vaccination yet they’re healthy. i don’t think it is all matters but i think it all depends on the kid’s immune system when they were born. i don’t think vaccination is a must either.

  5. my wife and i can truly related to this share. thanks alot.

    wife’s still breastfeeding our 6 months old boy pretty much most of his feeding time since he doesn’t like his milk in a bottle at all, he only gets to drink from his feeding bottle when he’s with his grandma and his mum and i go out somewhere… Pediatrician says it really is good for him.

    thanks alot for your share.. 🙂

  6. We should take care of our kids health and immune system from the time they are still in our tummy and of course complete vaccination after birth.

  7. Two herbs which have a pretty good track record in supporting the immune system are Echinacea, which I guess most people have heard of and Astragalus Root which is possibly not so well known.
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