CANON Lens EF 50mm f/1.8 II

I recently bought a new lens for my CANON 450D. Yes, my DSLR may not that awesome but I have my reasons for having it. One of my reasons why I didn’t buy an expensive DSLR is that it will be useless if I do not know how to take good pictures with it. So, I bought a starter camera to practice on and hone my abilities if I did, have abilities. But when a colleague told me to buy a 50mm lens for my camera I didn’t hesitate, I immediately bought it to have better pictures the next time I will use my camera.


Finally, my order arrived, I bought it online by the way, I am glad that I can buy anything on the internet these days and that it is so easy to find the thing you need online. I can even check out where to buy a biometric time clock if I want to. I paid it using my Paypal balance and I am glad that it was enough for the Canon Lens. Here is a photo of my DSLR with my new lens:

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