My little brother caught me sleeping while on dextrose and I look so bad. I mean hey, look at me, I look like I needed to eat more food every day in order to gain weight and in order to get cured fast.


And while I was on dextrose at the hospital, I said to myself I cannot afford to get sick. I mean it is really expensive to get sick these days. You need to pay for the room, for the medicines, for the professional fees of your doctors and for your food. Prevention is still better than cure. So now, I have learned my lesson and that is to be careful in the things that I put into my mouth (food and water) because they can cause sickness at times (germs and bacterias). I am glad that I am not working outside my country which sometimes can lead to Offshore Injury and boy I am happy that the only things I needed to face are not so serious sickness such as cough and flu. I mean, every body needs to take care or we better start saving money for out hospital needs.

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