Car Air Filters should be changed regularly

My brother is an auto-tech graduate. He finished a 3 year course about automotives and I am glad that he chose that career path because we have cars and trucks and having a brother who knows almost everything about cars and trucks is bliss.

I have a Driver’s License, I know how to drive motorcycles, 4 wheelers and even 10 wheelers truck but once it breaks down I don’t know what to do. That is why I am so thankful that I have a brother who knows how to fix them and teach me what to do in order to keep our cars and trucks in smooth running conditions. He is the one who told me all about air separators for air compressors and why it needs to be checked out every once in awhile which I never given much thought before. I only think about that my car needs gasoline or diesel to run and I needed a good battery so that the engine will start running. But then again I realize that when the engine won’t start even though I have a new battery a full tank of gasoline, the problem might be the air filter elements for air compressors. You see the air filter is the one which traps the contaminants from the air. Air compressors needs to be serviced and checked regularly to avoid getting bigger car broke down problems in the future.

That is why we changed our car air filters regularly. Sometimes once every year or once every two years, it really depends on how we have used our cars and trucks for the last 12 months.

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