Car Maintenance: Making the Paint Last Longer

Keeping a car in tiptop shape is a must. Buying a vehicle is not cheap and it is an investment from hard-earned money. Thus making it last is a priority. It gives the owner pride when other people notices or compliments his car because it looks good or runs like a well-oiled machine.

A simple way to maintain the vehicle is by cleaning it regularly. Choose high quality products specially made for wheels, windows, dashboards and other parts of the car. Start by cleaning the inside of the car by dusting it and wiping the dirt with damp cloth from the surfaces and seats. Use cotton buds for hard to reach areas or too small to wipe with a rag. Use a glass cleaner for the glass or lenses. Vacuum the seats and compartments. Take out the floor mats and brush it with soap. Let it dry before putting it back inside.

Clean the exterior of the car with car shampoo, sponge or micro-fiber wash mittens and spray hose. Choose high quality of shampoo to prevent the car paint from getting ruined. Soak the body and tires with water then rub it with the sponge or micro-fiber wash mittens with the car shampoo. For the tires, use a brush to remove the stubborn dirt. Spray it with water once it’s finished. Dry the car with a chamois, which dries faster than towel, although the latter may be used also. Just make sure it’s soft enough so as not to scratch the car. Others prefer having the car wax after cleaning it. It protects the paint of the vehicle. Choose a good product that suits the car. It will prevent oxidation and car damage from exposure to harmful elements. It makes it shinier and looks better. These are simple tips to maintain once car and it will surely go a long way to preserve the vehicle’s appearance.

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