Car Wash or Auto Shop?

My brother is planning to invest in a new business and I am helping him to decide whether it is the right business in this modern times. It is not easy to decide on what business venture you will invest your money these days because more and more people are into creating a business just like yours if they will see that you have so many customers/clients.

We are currently weighing the pros and cons of opening a “Car Wash” stall in our place or perhaps a “Body Building” shop for cars. It is not a secret that my brother is good in automotives so I told him that if he wants to run his own business it should be something that he really loves. And one of his hobbies includes cars so a car wash or an auto shop is a great venture that he will enjoy. But before we could start a business we need a new set of surface grinding wheels because the one that my dad owns got broken, and our carpenter needs it to build a new building for a “Car Wash” or “Auto Shop”.

I also told my brother to fix his mind already so that he could start buying the machines or gadgets that his new business needs. If he decided to start a “Car Wash” stall he needs a power spray and a foam sprayer to clean or wash the client’s cars. And if he decided to choose the “Auto Shop” he needs a vulcanizing machine, specialty fasteners, and other power tools that are used to fix a car. Yes, starting a new business is hard and expensive but it pays afterwards if you know how to manage it well, your capital will return to you sooner that you expected.

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