My Baby K’TAN Baby Carrier Prize

I am overjoyed when my prize from Bebengisms’ Baby K’Tan Giveaway arrived at my doorstep. I have been dreaming of owning a baby carrier for so long already but I wasn’t able to buy one for my baby because of two reasons: (1) It is expensive and (2) I don’t know what type I should buy. I have a baby carrier for my first born but it was not comfortable to wear because of the hard materials used (plastic and metals). I only used it I think twice when my baby boy was 1 year old and I didn’t used it with my baby girl anymore.

As what I am saying, I was ecstatic for my new baby carrier from My Baby Dragon who sponsored Bebengism’s Baby K’Tan birthday blow-out. I was elated because Baby K’Tan is comfortable, supportive and so easy to use. I only read the manual once and yes it was so easy like 1-2-3 and voila, I could wear my daughter anywhere we go.


Baby K’Tan can be worn in 5 positions: (1) newborn kangaroo position (2) hug position (3) adventure position (4) explore position (5) hip position.
Men and women alike can wear their child in this Baby K’Tan baby carrier so no worries for daddies, because they can bond with their child too using this baby carrier.
I am encouraging every parent to buy a Baby K’Tan baby carrier. Trust me; it is the better choice than carrying your child in your arms whole day. Aside from that, it helps develop your bond to your child, at an early age, they start to build up their sense of refuge and trust.


Exercise Your Right to Vote

Exercise your right to vote. Nobody has the power to take away your right. It is Your Right and will always be Your right to choose who among the candidates for elections are suitable to make our nation a better place.

Last Monday, May 13, 2013 I have exercised my right to vote. Though we needed to vote for 12 Senators, I only voted for 4. I showed my country that my vote counts and that I have chosen the people who I believe have the power to bring more progress in my country and in my city.

I am showing my dirty finger, just like any other instagram users here in my blog as a way of showing to the world that sometimes it pays to be active.

CETAPHIL PROMO:Get Two for the Price of One Promo

Cetaphil is still the country’s most prescribed brand of cleansers and moisturizers by Dermatologists and Pediatricians.

I am a loyal Cetaphil user and so are my kids. I always promote Cetaphil not only online but also by word of mouth. I always tell my friends, my relatives and my colleagues to use Cetaphil or try out these products because they are safe and good for babies and parents alike.


Get Two for the Price of One Promo for the two variants of Cetaphil, namely, Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer SPF 15 and Cetaphil Daily Advance Ultra Hydrating Lotion which are available in Mercury Drug, Watsons, Shopwise, S&R and other leading drugstores and supermarkets nationwide.

A Better Christmas for Everybody

I have seen this image many times already in Facebook because a lot of my online friends have shared it. I took a photo of it using my iPhone because I wanted to share the message to you my readers in case this photo have not reached you in your Facebook account.


After reading the message in the photo above, what are your thoughts? Will you do the things listed above? As for me, I WILL. Yes, my nephew’s wife knows how to bake cupcakes and chocolate moist cakes so this coming December instead of buying cakes in big bakeshops, I will order from my nephew’s wife for my son’s Christmas Party. And yes, I will continue buying the vegetable this certain Grandma who comes to our house everyday selling her fresh produce from her backyard. Moreover, I will buy most of the gifts that I need from a cousin who owns online shop.

Let us all be mindful of where our money goes, in this way, every body will have a better Christmas.

I Love Cetaphil, how about you?

I SUPER LOVE Cetaphil! How about you? It is not a SECRET that I am a Cetaphil Online Ambassador and I love being one. I feel like I am Cetaphil’s newest model. So I have been using Cetaphil Daily Advance Ultra Hydrating Lotion and I definitely said goodbye to my super-dry skin. It is the only skin problem that I have encountered and I am glad that I have the answers in Cetaphil. I am thankful to Joel Andrada for giving me the chance to try out these amazing products.

Here, let me show you a photo of me showing off my skin:

I usually wear jeans and t-shirts but not today. I have decided to show off the result that I got from using Cetaphil’s lotions.

I have also tried using their Daily Facial Moisturizer and look at my face :

It doesn’t show any pimples or blackheads. I super love Cetaphil products! Of course, this post will not end without a GIVEAWAY! Yes, I am giving away 1 Cetaphil Daily Advance Ultra Hydrating Lotion and 1 Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer to one lucky winner! I will pay for the shipping fee and this giveaway will not be possible without Joel’s help.

I will not use Rafflecopter for this giveaway because I have been having a hard time logging into the site that is why up until now I have not chosen the winner for the last giveaway that I had.


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Additional entries:

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PLEASE LEAVE your FULL NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS, TWITTER handle and the links to your additional entries. By the way you could do the additional entries once every day.

Good Luck and God Bless!!!

Shopping for my Grandmother

My grandmother has been bed-ridden for more than 5 years already and it was not easy for my mom’s part or her siblings. My mother and her siblings take turns in taking care of my grandmother; they have a schedule that they need to follow. Each one should spend at least two weeks to take care of my grandmother at their old home in Calunasan, Calape Bohol. Aside from that, each one of them should donate the same amount of money for all the expenses that our grandmother needs which includes Prevail adult-sized diapers, medicines, clothes, milk, food and vitamins. Our grandmother used to have 4 caregivers which takes turn in bathing and feeding her, some of the money that my mom and her siblings gives every month goes to their salary.

It is hard to take care of our grandma but it became much easier when everybody helps. We are a big family so the tasks became easier and the money that needs to be raised every month is divided among us. My grandma has 16 children so imagine her stressful life when she was younger and taking care of her children.

We need to shop for Grandma’s needs and I am glad that there are online stores like which has almost all of my Grandma’s needs. We don’t need to leave the house just to buy everything that my Grandma needs; we just need to have an internet connection to order.

Do you have a Driver’s License? Participate and Win in this Survey!

Do you have a Driver’s License? Do you think that our Driver’s License should stay as it is or it needs a slight change? We acquire a Driver’s License in order to have the right to drive, aside from that we can use it to be identified in certain situations. But do you think otherwise?

Even if you have no Driver’s License, you can still take part of this survey, we really need your honest answers. This is what our current Driver’s License looks like:


1. Fulfill the survey below.
2. In order to qualify for the raffle, you should only enter with one comment per household or IP address. Same IP addresses will be considered as one (1) entry.
3. The survey and giveaway will start September 27, 2012 at 12 NN and will end on October 27, 2012 at 11:59 PM.

Take our ONLINE SURVEY, we need your OPINION, you honest OPINION about this matter!

Answer this here:

* One comment per household or IP address.

Golden Years to Share

It is my first time to hear about Home Share and after reading about this blog who has a lot to say about this topic, I realize that it is better because it has a lot to offer, and the two things that most people needs – companionship and peace of mind, can be met. According to the website, more and more senior citizens are thinking of sharing their homes to people who needs a home and yet cannot afford to buy one but can pay for a rent for a bedroom.

Home Share is a great idea and I am thankful that there are organizations that were able to come up with this. It is great because people who have different needs could meet up, live together and solve their problems. Like for example, a student who needs a home at a lower price could live up with a home owner who needs someone to share with the house bills and could do some of the house chores. They could be a great pair.

Senior citizen housing on the other hand is different but still a good choice for the senior citizens who need to mingle with other people. The good thing also if senior citizen lives together is that they will be well taken care of, and aside from that, these organizations/companies also has facilities that could help them live well their golden years.

I, well, I will grow old eventually and I hope when the time comes, my kids will take care of me, if they don’t , at least they could let me Home Share our home.

Miss Silka Northern Mindanao 2012 Finalist

My gorgeous cousin who won Miss Pangantucan Bukidnon 2012 last “Araw ng Pangantucan” needs your help. She is one of the finalists for Miss Silka Northern Mindanao 2012.

Korjeanne Benison Evangelista-Garces is my first cousin. I really want her to win the crown.

We need your help for her to win Miss Popular, all you need to do is LIKE Miss Silka Northern Mindanao 2012 Facebook Page then LIKE her photo. It is so easy to do, I really hope you could share a minute or two. And I would really appreciate it if you do.

Make up Artist: Jims Oga
Creative Director: Bigvai Hezir A. Lerion
Photographer: Black Arrow

Pray for the Philippines

Pray for the Philippines became one of the trending topics in Twitter last August 7, 2012. Watching the news makes me scared, terrified and helpless. I am in Bukidnon and though we have experience heavy rains before we have not experienced flash floods and land slides like what I saw on the national TV these past few days.

Thinking for the safety of the people I know who lives in Luzon, I prayed, prayed for the rain to stop, I also helped in re-tweeting some tweople’s tweet for help, and where to seek help.

I have remembered Ondoy, the typhoon who took a lot of lives in Luzon 3 years ago. I also remember Sendong, the typhoon who brought flash flood in Cagayan de Oro. And the only thing that I could do is watch the news and pray. And help in any way I can.

If you want to help the Philippines rise again after what happened, you can send donations. In cash and in kind. Here’s how if you want to send cash:

If you’re from the US and would like to make a tax-deductible donation, click HERE  (Please select “Task Force Noah: Operation Habagat” as your beneficiary.)

If you’re in the Philippines or other countries, click HERE.  (Please indicate in the comments section that you want your donation to go to Task Force Noah: Operation Habagat.)