Skin Savior: Cetaphil Ultra Protect is a Cleanser That Both Intensely Hydrates and Protects Skin

How you take care of your skin matters more than you think. Nowadays, cleanliness is the name of the game, but in the rush of cleansing your body, you could be stripping your skin of natural’s moisture.

Using harsh bar soap and frequent washing leads to dry skin, which can further lead to skin irritation, roughness, and dryness. However, there is now a better solution when it comes to hygiene. Introducing the new Cetaphil Ultra Protect, an antimicrobial cleansing bar that is the right choice to care for your skin. There are no compromises: the product combines the benefits of 99.9% germ protection and moisturization. It is designed for all skin types, especially sensitive skin.

The newest innovation of Cetaphil has 3D Derma-Mimic Technology that cleanses your skin at an antimicrobial level because of its dermatological tried-and-tested formulation that repairs and strengthens the skin barrier against water loss. Your skin is now instantly protected and hydrated.

To celebrate the release of the newest product in Cetaphil’s science-backed roster, the #BeUltraProtected campaign celebrates the equal importance of hygiene and care with four workouts in partnership with elite boutique studios in the Metro.

The goal is to show how Cetaphil Ultra Protect can allow you to work out, sweat, and afterward reward your skin with a deep cleanse that is gentle yet effective in cleaning and nourishing the body.

The new Cetaphil Ultra Antimicrobial Cleansing Baris now available at the official Cetaphil Philippines stores in Lazada and Shopee. You can also find Cetaphil products at MercuryDrug, Watsons’ stores, and supermarkets nationwide.

To learn more about the new Cetaphil Ultra Protect and the brand’s gentle line of products for sensitive skin, follow Cetaphil Philippines on Facebook and Instagram, or visit CetaphilCetaphil is a skincare brand that has been recommended by dermatologists for over 75 years and is today used by millions with delicate skin from all over the world. Recently, the brand introduced its newest gentle product with the launch of Cetaphil Ultra Protect. For more information, visit

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Shop for Any Style of Wigs

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

When you have the most beautiful hair, you will feel that you are beautiful as well. Hair is the natural crown for a woman like you, and thus, you need to have a beautiful hair. There are times that you will style it in the way you like. When you love curls, you can make it curly, and when you love straight hairstyle, you can also do that. Depending on what you will use, you can style your hair in few minutes or even for few hours.

But when you use wigs that will be an easy thing to do since wigs are pre-styled hairpieces. When you use the easy to wear wigs, then you will finish your hair styling as quickly as possible.

When talking about wigs, do visit as this one-stop e-commerce store has thousands of wigs, Remy hair wigs, weaves, lace front wigs, half wigs, braids, ponytails, hair care, and other beauty products which are worth checking into. Just name a brand, and you can find it in this online store. You can find wigs from VIVICA A FOX HAIR COLLECTION, FREETRESS EQUAL, MILKYWAY, SENSATIONNEL, OUTREACH, IT’S A WIG!, and so much more. And up to now, is offering free shipping for continental US orders. Shop now!

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Miss Earth Giveaway

My cousin, Gayle Suzette Yu, is Bohol’s representative for Miss Philippines Earth 2015. I love her so much and I am proud that she was crowned Miss Philippines Earth 2015 – Bohol , last March at Island City Mall. I really want her to win this coming Miss Philippines Earth 2015 Coronation Night. I know that it is not easy to win that crown but I am praying and hoping that she will win and bring glory to my Mom’s home town Calape, and to the Bohol Province as a whole. I am asking you to support my cousin, I need you to like her photo for the Miss Photogenic Award and also to vote for her for The Face of Colour Collection award from Tupperware Brands PH. I am running a giveaway here in my blog to support my cousin. I am giving away a FASHION SWIMSUIT by Hans Coquilla worn once by my pretty cousin. missphilippines Requirements : Vote GAYLE YU for the Miss Philippines Earth Photogenic Award on Facebook :

  1. Like Miss Philippines Earth (official) fanpage on Facebook
  2. Go to the album Miss Philippines Earth Miss Photogenic
  3. Look for Gayle’s Photo (Calape, Bohol) and click LIKE.
  4. Share the photo to your friends.

Vote Gayle for the Miss Philippines Earth Online Photogenic Award on the Website :

  1. Go to
  2. Look for Gayle’s photo under VISAYAS (Calape, Bohol).
  3. Click Like below Gayle’s Photo.

Vote Gayle to be the MPE Face of Colour Collection : (you cannot vote using mobile devices)

  1. Like Tupperware Brands Philippines page on Facebook
  2. Look for the app ‘Face of Colour Collection’
  3. Register
  4. Vote for Gayle Yu of Calape, Bohol (Page 7)
  5. You can vote 3 times a day and vote everyday!

Check out the rafflecopter for easier navigation! a Rafflecopter giveaway

I will be adding prizes and more winners aside from the one who will receive the Fashion Swimsuit in the coming days, so stay tuned. Invite your friends to join, additional points will be given to those who can invite more people to like my cousin’s photo.

Celeteque Maternity Anti-Stretch Mark Cream

“Women always think about how they look.” – This is not an over statement, this is really true. When I was younger my looks didn’t bother me. I grew up in a small town and everybody doesn’t care about their bodies. I mean, my mom and my friends’ moms doesn’t care if they are fat, if they have wrinkles or if they have messy hair. What they care about was their children’s welfare and family’s needs. But now that I am older and now that I am a mom, I came to realize that you should give yourself a ME-Time and that we should uphold our self-esteem and confidence in ourselves after taking care of our family’s needs.

When I became pregnant I was afraid of stretch-marks too, and even though people say that having these scars are proofs that we have overcome a battle that not all women can face and that we should be thankful that we are chosen to give birth, I still prefer to have less stretch marks. So I tried so hard to avoid having them, but during that time anti-stretch marks were not available in the market yet so I have no choice but to endure them. But now that Celeteque has produced and made available to the market their Maternity Anti-Stretch Mark Cream I couldn’t be happier.

photo 1

These are my battle scars:
photoAnd little by little they are minimized by applying Celeteque Maternity Anti-Stretch Mark Cream. This product is hypo-allergenic so it really safe to use and is dermatologist tested. Another good reason to use Celeteque Maternity Anti-Stretch Mark Cream is that it is OB-Gynecologist-certified safe for pregnant women, believe me I am hesitant to apply just anything to my skin when I was pregnant too, so I always make sure that everything I use and apply are safe for me and my baby.

photo 2

Celeteque Maternity Anti-Stretch Mark cream is available at Watsons, SM Department Stores, Robinson’s Department Store and other leading drug stores and department stores in your area at 445php (100ml).

Thank You Unilab for giving me the chance to try out this amazing product that is perfect for Pregnant women and Moms like me. This is definitely the answer to our stretch-mark problem. And I will be wearing my 2 pieces swimsuit this summer because of you.

For more info and updates about Celeteque products, check them out here:
1. Facebook page:
2. Twitter page:
3. Website:

Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Bride

I have heard this quote so may times already and yes I was always a bridesmaid but I am never a BRIDE. That is why I am so thankful when my friend photographer asked me to wear a wedding gown to have a bridal photoshoot. I never hesitated and I immediately ask my niece if I can borrow her wedding gown and wear it for a photoshoot. When I saw my photos, I am so happy because my dream finally came true. I wanted to have a picture of myself wearing a wedding gown and I think it is the only reason why I wanted so bad to walk down that aisle. And now that I have finally had this photoshoot, I think I don’t have to look for a partner and settle down.

The only thing that I was not able to prepare for this shoot are the jewelries to pair the beautifully beaded gown. I should have check out some online stores and shops beforehand and I might have found the perfect pair. I know it is too late but I love this site because they almost have everything a woman can dream of wearing.

DR. Fresh Orthodontic Kit

After months of deliberation, I have finally decided to have braces. Yes, it was quite hard at first, I cannot eat properly, I have to choose what to eat, I have to endure the pain, but I know that after this I will have that perfect “Toothpaste model” smile in no time.


After my first visit at the dentist, his secretary gave me this Orthodontic Kit which contains 1 toothbrush, dental floss, dental floss threaders, timer (2 minutes), travel toothbrush, dental mirror, proxy brush with case, and mint wax for Braces.

I Love Sample Room

I love Sample Room. I think EVERYBODY does. For those of you who does not know what SAMPLE ROOM is, let me introduce them to you. Sample Room website has started late last year and I have come to know about them June this year. The website’s motto is “Try before you Buy”. I thought this kind of thing is only available in other countries, I didn’t expect that it will click here in the Philippines.

I am not a VIP member, but I was given 100 points to start with. The only catch is that you will have to pay for the shipping fee which costs around 130 to 190 pesos and it depends on the products weight. From June 2013, I have received these products for FREE from Sample Room :

  • Physiogel Cleanser 60ml
  • Azzaro Chrome EDT 7ml
  • Colour Collection Vitamin-E Lipstick – Kissmark (Matte)
  • Colour Collection Vitamin-E Lipstick – Red Wine (Satin)
  • Gluta-C Intense Whitening Facial Day Cream SPF 25 30ml
  • Celeteque DermoScience Brightening Radiance Body Cream SPF 15
  • Colour Collection Gluta Whitening BB Cream SPF 30
  • Shiseido Ibuki Softening Concentrate
  • Carbtrim Iced Tea Mix (Lemon Flavor)
  • Inti-Mate Bra Converter
  • OraCare Merrymint Mouthwash
  • Godiva Licowhite whitening lotion with SPF 15
  • Vidal Sassoon Shampoo and Conditioner Premium Base
  • Vidal  Sassoon Premium Base Care Treatment
  • Celeteque DermoScience Hydration Make Up Remover Wipes


I have only paid for the shipping fee usually 130php and whenever I ordered for a sample I see to it that the cost of the sample is higher compared to the cost of ordering the products. Sometimes I also check if I could order more than 1 product so that I can save on the shipping fee.

Moreover, I have finally decided to become a VIP member. Why? Because I realized that I could always get my money’s worth being a Sample Room’s VIP member.

Perks of being a Sample Room VIP member:

You earn 1000 points, that can be used in 2 months
You get to avail sample offers from premium brand partners (sometimes even a full-sized)
You get more products/ samples
Receive earlier notification of our product uploads
Exclusive contests, promotions and events only to Sample Room VIP members!

By the way, if you want to be a member, leave your emails below and I will invite you to JOIN ME in trying out the latest products available in the market right now!!!

Sutla and Flawless Papaya Soap

Sutla products and Flawless Papaya Soap are “in” these days. A lot of people are selling it and a lot of people are actually buying and using it. My online blogging friends are selling it and so I joined the bandwagon. I tried the products first to check out if it really has a positive effect on my skin and I am glad that it is really effective. Most people are buying it because it is affordable, Philippine-made and effective.


What are you Thankful For plus a Giveaway


I received a package from Cetaphil Philippines last Friday. And I didn’t expect that the package will contain a LOT OF GOODIES. Though I already know that they are very generous when it comes to sending such gifts, I am still surprised to see what the package contains. I am a user of Cetaphil Daily Advance Ultra Hydrating Lotion for so long already and I love the effects of it on my skin. I think I am a user for more than a year now. My two kids are Cetaphil babies too, their Pediatrician recommends Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser because it is very safe to use on their delicate skin.
I am THANKFUL for a lot of things lately. I am thankful that God has given me two adorable kids. I am thankful that my blogging life is colorful and that I have made a lot of friends. I am thankful because finally I have walked the runway and experienced how it feels to be a ramp model for a day. I am thankful that I won a lot of giveaways from the time I learned that online giveaways are real.

What are you thankful for? Share in the comment section below with your name, location and email address for a CHANCE to win this Cetaphil LOOT.


Of course, you need to LIKE these two Facebook pages : ZoWanderer and Cetaphil Philippines.

You also need to share this photo and tag ZoWanderer on Facebook so I can check your entries for additional points and you can do this everyday.

Follow these two Twitter accounts for additional points : Zoan721 and Joel Andrada.

But BASICALLY, you only need to do 3 things to be able to join the giveaway that is to leave a comment and like the two Facebook pages. This giveaway will end on October 20, 2013. What are you waiting for?? Comment AWAY!!!!

Thank You Sample Room

I came across this Online Site when I was checking some of my friend’s Instagram Photos. I signed up right away because they are giving samples for beauty products for FREE, the only catch is that you will have to pay for the shipping fee.

I got my first sample and I am so happy to receive them right at my doorstep. I ordered for a Physiogel Cleanser because I badly needed it now. I need it because I have fallen in love with cosmetics and I need the Physiogel Cleanser to clean my face before I tuck myself in for the night. I also ordered for the Chrome Azzaro and I never regretted it.