My Adventure as a Blogger over the Last Decade

I started blogging because of online giveaways. I didn’t blog for money, fame or because I want to share my daily life to other people. I blog because I needed to. There are a lot of online giveaways that gives out additional points if you can blog about their blogs. So basically, I am an online giveaway/online contests addict who wants to win and created a blog in order to earn more points, because more points means more chances of winning.

Then, I learned that I can earn and that I can connect with sponsors, companies and other websites who wants their products to be featured in different blogs, to be honestly reviewed by real people who blogs like me. So , I bought a domain of my own and hosted it through a friend.

I met a lot of friends online, I made friends with people who also blogs, who live far away from me and who shared their experiences on blogging and how to earn from it. From there, I made money in order to pay for my domain name and for my hosting and some I kept to pay for my wants.

I was at peak of writing, sharing away my journey, my every day struggle, my life, my everything in my blog. Showing who I really am. But eventually, writer’s block happens from time to time, I sometimes do not update my blog because I don’t know what to write anymore. That maybe sharing my life do not encourage readers, I need them to connect with me so I need to write something they really want to read.

As of now, I am trying to find my “WHY”, why I am into blogging, why I need to write my thoughts and share it to other people, why I should be writing in my blog.

I wish I could be like Jessica Strange how she realized that she is an INFLUENCER, because I still cannot see myself as an influencer and that I sometimes shy out from myself thinking that I am ahead of myself. I am ashamed of claiming that I am indeed a blogger and an influencer at the same time.

One thing is for sure though, I know I am authentic in what I wrote and that is why readers would read blogs of people who share their personal journey, their stories, their own life because the readers can connect with them. And I love how there are ways to empower bloggers and influencers nowadays. Back then, nobody cared about us, if there were, just a little percentage to the number of companies who wants to support bloggers and influencers from different walks of life and different regions of different countries.

I have been on hiatus for a year already and I guess it is now time to start all over again, writing my thoughts, my life, my journey in between, my love of life and how I deal with struggles in my everyday life. The pandemic may have taken its toll on me but I will not dwell on my failures instead I will continue to strive and do more because I know I can rise above my writer’s block.

George Tower at Pangantucan Bukidnon

Last February 9, 2014, George Tower has finally opened its door for clients and customers. Yes, the long wait is over. All the people of Pangantucan Bukidnon has been waiting for more than two years I believe and finally George Tower had its Grand Opening last month.

This photo was taken by my friend Ricky Amor and I want to share this beautiful photo to you my dear friends.

George Tower is a 5-storey mall located in Market Side, Poblacion Pangantucan Bukidnon. It is definitely a one-stop-shop which cater all your needs and NO, I am not paid to make a post about this mall. The first floor is where the wet market, baked goodies and grocery is located. The second floor comprises of the hair saloon, medical clinic, serenity spa, gift shop, internet cafe, travel and tour shop and of course Alberto’s Pizza. You cannot find any Alberto’s Pizza house in Bukidnon, only here in Pangantucan. The third and fourth floor houses the department store, toys and cellphone shops, kitchen ware, plastic ware, furniture, and all your other needs. While the top floor is where the overview grill and restaurant is located and their function hall.

And I forgot to mention that this 5-storey building has an elevator! Yes, an elevator that is available for use for its customers. What are you waiting for? Visit Pangantucan Bukidnon now and check out George Tower Mall!!!

A Gift from Banco de Oro

I am a loyal client of BDO (Banco de Oro) and yes they are true to their claims, they find ways. I love BDO so much because they are reliable, fast and accurate as always. Thank you to my Bank Manager for giving me these beautiful gifts from BDO : an umbrella, a notebook and a key chain.
banco de oro photo 1525147_10151860764682499_1605436595_n.jpg

Kab Scout Jb

Last week, Pangantucan Central Elementary School held a BSP and GSP camping event. My son being a first grader had joined the activities as a Kab Scout, basically he is a Boy Scout yet because of his age. As a supporting mom, I went to their school and showed him that I am there to celebrate the event with him, and cheer him with all the activities that they have prepared. They had a program and my son had memorized some of the things they need for their presentation.

A Long-Time Fan of Panasonic

My mom is a fan of Panasonic. Almost all of our appliances (since my birth) are made of Panasonic. I can’t blame her, it was the only affordable brand of appliances without sacrificing its quality that was and is available in the market.

Our washing machine died two weeks ago after 10 years of service so I decided to buy a new one. Of course I am a fan of Panasonic too, so I brought this washing machine home.


My mom was so happy because I have made the right decision. I guess being a Panasonic lover runs in the blood.

I Love Sample Room

I love Sample Room. I think EVERYBODY does. For those of you who does not know what SAMPLE ROOM is, let me introduce them to you. Sample Room website has started late last year and I have come to know about them June this year. The website’s motto is “Try before you Buy”. I thought this kind of thing is only available in other countries, I didn’t expect that it will click here in the Philippines.

I am not a VIP member, but I was given 100 points to start with. The only catch is that you will have to pay for the shipping fee which costs around 130 to 190 pesos and it depends on the products weight. From June 2013, I have received these products for FREE from Sample Room :

  • Physiogel Cleanser 60ml
  • Azzaro Chrome EDT 7ml
  • Colour Collection Vitamin-E Lipstick – Kissmark (Matte)
  • Colour Collection Vitamin-E Lipstick – Red Wine (Satin)
  • Gluta-C Intense Whitening Facial Day Cream SPF 25 30ml
  • Celeteque DermoScience Brightening Radiance Body Cream SPF 15
  • Colour Collection Gluta Whitening BB Cream SPF 30
  • Shiseido Ibuki Softening Concentrate
  • Carbtrim Iced Tea Mix (Lemon Flavor)
  • Inti-Mate Bra Converter
  • OraCare Merrymint Mouthwash
  • Godiva Licowhite whitening lotion with SPF 15
  • Vidal Sassoon Shampoo and Conditioner Premium Base
  • Vidal  Sassoon Premium Base Care Treatment
  • Celeteque DermoScience Hydration Make Up Remover Wipes


I have only paid for the shipping fee usually 130php and whenever I ordered for a sample I see to it that the cost of the sample is higher compared to the cost of ordering the products. Sometimes I also check if I could order more than 1 product so that I can save on the shipping fee.

Moreover, I have finally decided to become a VIP member. Why? Because I realized that I could always get my money’s worth being a Sample Room’s VIP member.

Perks of being a Sample Room VIP member:

You earn 1000 points, that can be used in 2 months
You get to avail sample offers from premium brand partners (sometimes even a full-sized)
You get more products/ samples
Receive earlier notification of our product uploads
Exclusive contests, promotions and events only to Sample Room VIP members!

By the way, if you want to be a member, leave your emails below and I will invite you to JOIN ME in trying out the latest products available in the market right now!!!

Sutla and Flawless Papaya Soap

Sutla products and Flawless Papaya Soap are “in” these days. A lot of people are selling it and a lot of people are actually buying and using it. My online blogging friends are selling it and so I joined the bandwagon. I tried the products first to check out if it really has a positive effect on my skin and I am glad that it is really effective. Most people are buying it because it is affordable, Philippine-made and effective.


Random Rant

The hardest part of forgiving is when the people who did you wrong didn’t ask for forgiveness. It is a slap on my face when I learned that I have been lied for more than a year into my past relationship. That my so called “Friend” was sleeping with the father of my 2nd child even before she was born. It was a slap on my face because I was too trusting, too loving and too humane. I did not expect that these people could do this to me, but hello, nice to know that they didn’t only exists in teleseryes, they are also real.

I was what, 6 months pregnant when the affair started. That he only stayed because of the baby and that he doesn’t love me anymore. Bullshit. What a crap. I never felt so betrayed in my whole life but now. I may have not been the best girlfriend in the world nor a wife material but I do not deserve to be treated like shit. A lot of immature reasons have been thrown at me when we broke up, and I cried every night because I was thinking that it was my entire fault but now that I know the real reason why, I realized that you have said all the bad things about me to JUSTIFY YOUR ACTIONS. To justify why you have fallen for the trap that bitch has prepared for you.

Imagine how thick faced that bitch was, she even visited me at the hospital when I gave birth to our daughter. And WOW, she was with us during our baby’s Christening. I should have known. I should have felt it when the affair just had started. But NO, I was blinded, with my love for you, and my longing for a complete family.

I am not saying that I have no faults, or that I am clean, but you should have look at the mirror and asked yourself too, if ever you are perfect. I have been living a LIE all this time. That I have belittled myself because I believed that I was the reason why my past relationship didn’t work out because of my fault. But now that I know the TRUTH, I could stand up with dignity and pride to say that my daughter doesn’t deserve to have a FATHER like you. You have no balls. You have no guts. You cannot even stand up on your own and make your own decisions. YOU have no right to tell me that I am the reason why you lost interest on me, you have no right to tell me that I don’t know how to take care of you, and you have no right to tell me that, because the real reason why is that because you are too WEAK. You are too KIND that you can’t even say NO.

I am not a saint, I have made a lot of mistakes too but at this point in my life, but into this past relationship that I had, I can say that I am not the GUILTY one.

This is not me, sour graping, I just want the whole world to know what I have been through. I am not cleaning my own ass up because it does not need wiping. And NO, I don’t want him back; I didn’t even realize that he is WORTH something, because he is worthless just like you. A man is PRICELESS when he has PRINCIPLES and he has DIGNITY and that he can STAND UP ON HIS OWN and MAKE HIS OWN DECISIONS in life. Does he have that? Can he do that? When the answer to that question is still a NO, he has no value for me. I didn’t belittle him, HE BELITTLES himself.

Happy 3rd year ZoWanderer!!!

Hello Friends and Readers of this blog. I checked out my old posts and I realized that last September 17, this blog, ZoWanderer, turned another year. I have made a welcome post in here (ZoWanderer is BORN), three years ago and I didn’t know that I could go this far.

I didn’t thought that I would still be blogging after three years, but I am glad that I am still blogging and that I am still trying to be a good blogger. I have met a lot of online friends through blogging, I have won a lot of online contests because of blogging and I have learned a lot about the virtual life through blogging.

I am thinking of having a giveaway because I am on my 3rd year blogversary but I do not know what to give away or how to do it. Maybe I can fix one before September ends.

Thank You for staying with me my dear readers and thank you for sticking with me my blogging friends.