Indian Inspired Fashion Trends You’ll Love

We all know that fashion trends come and go. What’s in today can be totally out by next season. Perhaps that’s why some fashion experts advise maintaining a collection of neutrals and classic pieces in your wardrobe. That advice is all well and good. However, if you prefer fashion with color and personality, you’re going to love the newest Indian inspired fashion trends. Inspiration from India comes and goes throughout the global fashion world. Perhaps that is because so many people are attracted to the culture and the beautiful expression it allows. Take a look at these Indian inspired fashion trends and prepare to find ways to incorporate them into your look.

Gold Accessories

Gold is an important cultural and status symbol in India. It plays a large role in weddings. The more gold, the wealthier a family is said to be. You don’t have to be getting married to add Indian inspired touches of gold to your wardrobe, nor should you go overboard. One statement piece such as a necklace with large gold discs or a wide gold bangle will do nicely.

The Sari

When you think of India, you may picture women wrapped in their rich, colorful garbs. This wraparound fabric is known as a sari and is a piece that is symbolic of womanhood. Saris aren’t worn by children. When a young woman has demonstrated the knowledge and understanding of womanhood, she may begin to don the sari. A more casual piece is the kurta, which is bright tunic that is often adorned with embellishments. Such a tunic can be modernized by pairing it with jeans for a fun night on the town.


Mehndi, often more commonly known as henna, is a plant-based dye that is used in Indian to ornately decorate the hands, arms and feet of women. These decorations are usually reserved for special occasions or festivals such as Holi or Diwali. Using bridal mehndi designs has become popular outside of India as a form of self-expression and decoration.

These are simply a few examples of ways you can incorporate Indian inspired looks into your everyday style. Sites like Craftsvilla can be accessed online to find such pieces to add to your collection. Have fun with the looks, but do take care to remain respectful of the culture by wearing them tastefully and in moderation.

Wedding Dresses

Weddings are one of the most wonderful events we could witness of. A wonderful sense of fulfillment seen in the bride’s eyes, and the happiness the groom exudes with. And as we become part of such memorable occasion, we see to it that we are presentable as we could be for the couple’s wedding.

Brides wear elegant and gorgeous wedding gown that flatter their figure. From laces, beads, and tulle used in simple wedding dresses, the bride will definitely look stunning with her chosen wedding gown.


Bridesmaids now wear color-themed dresses with their choice of cut and style, unlike a few years ago where bridesmaid dresses are of the same design. Today’s wedding gives the bridesmaids the chance of choosing their preferred party dress for the wedding.

Flower girls, on the other hand, will always look sweet on their flower dresses that usually resemble a fairy or ballerina themed style; paired up with either a flower crown or tiara.

Meanwhile, for the moms, they could be stunning with mother of the bride dresses tea length design that is simple yet elegant. They could also choose from floor length, knee length, or ankle length wedding party dresses. Whichever cut they prefer, there’s no doubt where the bride got their fashion sense.

Nevertheless, wedding party dresses won’t be complete without a perfect set of jewelries, bag, and shoes. Accessorize your complete look with rhinestone or pearl jewelries, alongside with a brooch or barrette. Of course, a fabulous handbag that perfectly matches the color of the wedding party dress or the shoes. Speaking of, stilettos serve as a cherry-on-top to complete the whole outfit. And since, it’s a wedding, don’t forget about the flowers, fresh flowers to be exact! A wonderful bridal bouquet for the bride; a cute flower crown or flower basket for the flower girls; a bouquet or a corsage for the bridesmaids and the mother of the bride and groom.

Summer Wardrobe Coming Out

Summer is definitely around the corner as I can already feel the warm weather inching in and magically touching the doldrums with sunny fingers.

And we all know what this means—it is time for all our sexy outfits to come out. Here in the Philippines where it can get so hot and humid for many months, a girl’s wardrobe staples mostly consist of denim shorts, tank tops, scarves, short breezy skirts or mini-skirts, wide-brimmed hats, dark sunglasses, and of course, flip flops. And there is no question about colors—it is a must that we have items in every color of the spectrum. The more colorful they are the better. Yeah, the tropics is an interesting place to be when it comes to fashion. You can start to shop for the latest skirt styles, colors and prints in different boutiques, malls or even online for your summer wear. These are some of my choices for my summer outfits :


Do check out your swimwear, too. Do you have several sets for the weekend swimming parties or picnics in different resorts? It’s nice to have at least three sets of new swimwear this year so that you will not look the same in your selfies—even if you are in a different resort every week. And oh, don’t forget the sheer cover ups for strolls along the shore that you can use for parties on the beach all night. And always remember your sunblock. Enjoy the sun without hurting your skin.

If you are short on budget, don’t worry. You don’t have to overhaul your entire wardrobe for the summer. Just pick a few pieces that you can mix and match with your existing pieces, throw in a few accessories, and you will find that your wardrobe will look fresh again. Now, you are ready to welcome the summer with open arms!

Pretty Baby in a Sunday Dress

When I go to Church and hear Mass, I always bring along my kids because I want them to meet and praise God. My mom always brought me to the Church when I was young and that is how I met Him and that is how my faith grew. I want my children to meet God and love him as early as now. And though they wont understand it now, I know that when they grow up they will remember that they have meet God when they were younger through hearing Sunday mass with me.

Here is a photo my baby daughter in her pretty Sunday dress:

Unpredictable Weather

I thought summer is here but I was wrong all along. As a matter of fact, heavy rains fell from the sky just now. And I realize that I needed a sheepskin bomber jacket to protect me from the cold weather. This is the perks of living in a tropical country, you don’t have four seasons that you can trust to arrive (summer, spring, fall and winter), you only have two weather seasons (rainy and sunny) which sometimes cannot be determined when they will arrive and when they will end. So having the typical clothes to wear for both seasons should be kept in your wardrobe cabinet all of the time. Unlike when you live in a country where the seasons happened when they are meant and determined to happen, you can keep your winter clothes tucked away during the summer season.

The weather is so unpredictable these days, I don’t know if this is truly what climate change is all about or perhaps, this is just another of Mother Nature’s mood swings. But anyway, I am still thankful whatever the season or the weather is as long as I am ALIVE because I get to appreciate the beauty of nature itself no matter what happens.

Equestrian Costume for Halloween?

It’s been weeks since the Halloween craze! I’m so amazed with all my Facebook friends posting pictures of their Halloween parties with wonderful costumes they wear. There are those who looked stunning with their fairyland inspired costume, and looked cute with their cartoon character and superheroes attire as well. But there’s one picture that caught attention, a friend of mine wore equestrian apparel. She’s got the show shirt, the show coat, riding chaps, and a riding helmet. She looked so good in it, that she seemed like a true equestrian. The only one that she needed was a horse to complete her attire. Very unusual for a costume party right?! This made me think of what to wear for next year’s party. Well, no rush, I still got 1 year to think for a unique one.

I am a Woman, hear my thoughts!

I am a woman and I am proud. I love being a woman and everything that is about me. I love shopping for everything that I want and I need. I love shopping for my clothes, shoes, lingerie and all of my basic needs to my wants. When I was younger my mom is the one who chooses everything for me, she bought my clothes, my under garments, my shoes even my socks, my bags and everything that I need. Up until now, I still ask her opinion before I go out of the house.

I am a woman and I love to dress up too, but dressing up doesn’t mean that the only thing fashionable that I wore is the things that other people could see. Here is my little secret: wear something beautiful under your clothes to make you feel more gorgeous every time you go out of the house. I don’t let myself suffer from wearing lingerie that are too tight or sagging because I will not be comfortable throughout the day. I meticulously choose my undergarments so that I will not fell uneasy wherever I go checking every once in awhile if it’s still in place or not anymore. Speaking of lingerie, I found this panache blog which talks about almost everything about lingerie, from history of the bra and how to take care of them. I am glad that there are blogs like this and I have the chance to read their articles which focus mainly on every woman’s needs.

Other women doesn’t openly share their opinion about the lingerie they would love to wear because some people think that it is taboo, but modern women who loves their body like me would openly share their thoughts about this kind of topics. You are a woman and you should be proud!

Gifts from Mom Gen

I seldom join “Top Commenter” contests because I have a very slow internet connection but when I joined this group for “Commex” I never thought that I could get the top spot but because I am regularly commenting almost everyday so I won. Mommy Gen of Wonderful Things in Life was so kind. She gave the choice between the Paypal fund or gifts, of course, I chose the latter. I told her that it is okay with me as long as the gifts that she will send will be for my kids. I am glad when the postman delivered it today. My son has been asking me who is it from and what is inside it. So we open it together.

After opening, my son was so happy and eager to wear the clothes Mom Genny sent. He even wear it to school today. Yes, he insisted on wearing it! He looks so “gwapito” wearing the clothes Mom Genny gave.

And of course, Mom Genny sent some “burloloys” for me. I know she made it herself, they are so beautiful and I can’t wait to wear them!

Oh, my Chicay cannot wait to wear her pink clothes from Mom Genny too, but we need to wash it first.

Thank you Mommy Genny for sending this loot to me.

Dryper’s Weewee Dry t-shirt

Aside from using EQ baby diapers, I also tried Drypers WeeWee Dry. I have been joining a lot of online blogging contests two months ago, when Drypers have been giving away baby love wearable’s and sad to say I didn’t WIN in any of the online contests that I have been joining. So when I went to the grocery stores to buy my son’s diapers, my heart jumped when I saw this:

Yes, a free Drypers baby love wearable’s. So, I didn’t hesitate to buy at least one pack of the Drypers WeeWee Dry diapers and get a wearable for my baby while checking out some lag screw in the mall.

Cloth Diaper

I am a sucker for FREEBIES so when somebody asked me if I want one, I’d always say YES. But, yeah there is a big BUT, if I don’t need nor like the product that is to be given for FREE, I will not sign up nor ask for it. Because I know there are far many more people or mommies who needs it and will definitely use the item.

But this one particular item here, I will not say NO. I have been looking for the perfect cloth diaper online but I just can’t seem to afford it (being the cheapskate that I am). So when somebody, ohh wait, not somebody, when Michell asked if anybody wants to review her handmade cloth diaper I immediately said YES without any hesitation (I just gave birth you know so I really, really NEED it).

I don’t like using disposable diapers, aside from the possible rashes it could give my daughter, it is also quite expensive to use. Imagine if I have to buy at least 3 to 4 diapers for everyday use, how much money will I save from not using it and how much garbage will I not throw away?

The handmade cloth diaper from Michell arrived last Thursday and here it is:
It is fashionable and it looks great. The cloth used doesn’t look cheap nor can be easily torn. Among other things, it is water proof, so when the inserts will be full, it wont leak. Because of its little buttons (I don’t know what its called, those white little circles outside the cloth diaper) it can be used even if my daughter will be a little bigger from now. I think she will be able to use it from now until she’s 2 years old.

And here is my daughter modelling her cute cloth diaper:

If you would like to purchase one for your child, head on to BUNNZOO or TADLE CLOTH DIAPER. They are way cheaper than other cloth diaper sold online and they have so many different and cool designs, and fashionable ones too.