How To Choose The Right Appliances For Your Kitchen

Whether you are helping to build a new kitchen or renovating an old one, there are a lot of important decisions to be made. It is a process that gets even more difficult when you factor in having to decide on what type of appliances to choose. Instead of stressing over the countless options to choose from, below are some things to keep in mind when picking out the new appliances for your kitchen.

Budget For Appliances

Try not to over-budget for your appliances. A good rule is to only spend around eight to ten percent of your total budget on things like your refrigerator and oven. To save money, try and keep the major appliances in the same areas where the previous ones were to hook them up to the old gas, water and electric lines. Plan the cabinets and islands last and plan them around the measurements of the new appliances. Additionally, it is a fact that appliances which are gray, white or beige are less expensive. Plus, when trends begin to change, they will still fit in and not look outdated as quickly.

Fitting The Refrigerator

When you initially take measurements for everything, you need to include some extra room around the fridge. Refrigerators need to have at least an inch of clearance around the whole unit for air flow. Another thing people forget to check is the refrigerator door. Make sure there is enough room for them to open easily and without hitting anything. If you find you need sub zero repair service Key Biscayne for your refrigerator, you should call a reliable company such as the one found at

Gas Vs. Electric

One of the bigger decisions you might have to make is whether to choose a gas or electric stove. When you compare each, consider durability and convenience. The gas model stoves can cook food quicker but tend to cost more. Many of the new electric model stoves have sleek cooktops which make cleaning much easier. However, they are more prone to being damaged from hot, sugary liquids and dripping pots.

It can be exciting to pick out new appliances for a kitchen remodel. However, it should be done with research and proper planning to ensure you get everything you want and need in a kitchen. Your new kitchen needs to be designed in a way where you enjoy spending time and cooking in it.

Throwing an Unforgettable Birthday Party

Whether you’re throwing a birthday party for a friend, family member, significant other, or a child, there are some key elements that make a party great. Excellent food, decorations, and activities will make for a setting that allows people to relax and really have a great time. Of course, the specifics of the birthday party will vary depending on the interests and personality of the person whose birthday it is. However, there are a few basics that can really make or break the usual party. Here are few items to look for when you’re planning a party that they’ll never forget.

First of all, no party will be great unless it offers a lot of great food. Choose a type and style of food that suits both the person whose birthday it is and the rest of the guests. Make sure that the food will be fairly easy to set up and eat, so people aren’t forced to sit down in any one place for too long. Try to ensure that there are options for everyone, including guests that you know have dietary restrictions or allergies.

Of course, the most important food at a birthday party is the birthday cake, so choose it carefully. For a really special treat, look for a customized cake from a local bakery that speaks to the individuality of the birthday boy or girl. For example, look for custom cakes Chicago IL from a well-liked and respected bakery like Jarosch Bakery. A great cake can take a birthday party from ho-hum to out-of-this-world.

For decorations, choose a theme that appeals to the person whose birthday it is and have fun with it. You don’t need to spend a fortune on decorations. Look online for printables and other recommendations, and use props that you find at second-hand stores or around the house. For example, if your theme is old Hollywood, roll out a red carpet, rent a popcorn machine, and hang up printed black-and-white photos of celebrities.

Finally, plan some activities for your guests. Even if your guests are all adults, they will want to have fun. Get a pinata for guaranteed laughs, or play cards or charades if you’re feeling more subdued. Encourage dancing and play fun music for your guests.

The perfect birthday party doesn’t have to cost a fortune. A little work will make for a great time.

Celebrating With Loved Ones

Celebrations come in small or big packages. Some people prefer to have a big party where everyone is invited; others would just want to have an intimate dinner in a restaurants Lehigh Valley style.

Regardless of the way a person celebrate an occasion, it is best celebrated with people who are dear and close to their hearts. But of course, it would be a blast with scrumptious dishes served on the table, added with a nice music in the background. I’m sure no one would ever forget a fruitful celebration like that.


Can’t Get Enough

Yes, I can’t get enough of Fedhz Polvoron and these yummies arrived just before we headed to our vacation. That is why I was able to bring a pack of polvoron to the CDO bloggers grand EB last May 21, 2011. I have met Mommy Rubz and other Bisdak Bloggers too.
After tasting Fedhz polvoron last January, a gift from her when I went to Manila, I ordered this month because I miss her polvoron and because I promised her. The 150 pcs of polvoron lasted only for a week, so sad. Now I want to eat Fedhz polvoron again when my bf is asking me how much are swisher sweets, the word sweets reminded me of the cookies and cream flavored polvoron of Fedhz.
So, for those who have not tasted Fedhz polvoron yet, common and try it. Satisfy your wants and needs, buy now.

Polvoron with Love

When I went to Manila, I already had plans of meeting Pehpot and hoping to meet other blogging friends too, like Fedhz, Sam, Vera and Yapatoots. But I only had Pehpot’s number with me and so she is the only one I had contact with but I was shocked when Fedhz was also eager to meet me and so she gave me her number too.

When I was there, I thought we will not be able to met each other because of time constraints and I didn’t know how to ride a bus or jeepneys and I am afraid of riding taxis (thanks to television news for that phobia). But guess what, Pehpot and Fedhz have come a long way to met me in Greenhills. They even gave me tokens of love.

Fedhz gave me her specially made polvoron. It was the best Polvoron I ever had tasted aside from Goldilocks. My mom and my son loves it so much and they want me to visit Manila again in order to bring Fedhz polvoron back as a pasalubong. But I think probinsyanas like me could order that polvoron from Fedhz online. Why haven’t I thought about that? Hmmmm

How to make a Buko Pandan Salad

I am not a good cook and I don’t know how to bake, so the only thing I could do if there are family gatherings or special occasions is to eat. But last July, during my birthday, we (me and my bf) tried to do something different, something that we have not done yet, that is to make a Buko Pandan Salad.

The number 1 ingredient : GULAMAN. I am sorry I forgot to take a picture of the Buko. Two sachet of Magic Jelly or Mr. Gulaman is enough for more than 10 people already. And I have realized that it is cheaper to prepare a Buko Pandan Salad than a fruit salad.

You need to gradually mix the Magic Jelly powder to 8 cups of water, after mixing you need to cook it and stir it. When it comes to a near boil, it is ready to be poured to the square pans in order to let it cool, if you are in a hurry, you can put it into the refrigerator.

If it is cold and became a jelly already, you cut it in perfect squares (okay, you cannot do that, it keeps on slipping). So, after cutting the jelly, it should look like this:

You just add at least 10 fresh Buko’s and mix it with Cream and Condense Milk, and voila :

Your very own, Buko Pandan Salad.