Jolly Pinoy Collectibles

I saw an advertisement about the Jolly Pinoy Collectibles so I immediately went to a Jollibee Store to buy the complete set. Each Jolly Pinoy Collectible is worth 150php when you order one value meal. So I paid 750php for the 5 Jolly Pinoy Collectibles aside from ordering and paying for 5 Jollibee Value Meals.

These are the 5 Jolly Pinoy Collectibles:

  • Jollibee Jeepney
  • Hetty Vinta Getaway
  • Popo Carabao Farm
  • Twirlie Pinoy Sorbetes
  • Yum Kalesa Fun


The items are so Pinoy and these items are perfect for every Filipino Home. Every Filipino child will always remember Manong Sorbetes who sells ice cream on the road. Every Filipino had the ride of his life in a Kalesa or in a Jeepney. The Carabao will always be an example of a hardworking Filipino farmer/worker. And of course the colorful vinta will always reminds us the colorful festival in Zamboanga.

Sweet Surprise


Valentine’s is just around the corner, and of course happy hearts will definitely celebrate it with their better half or partners; having dinner, roses, and chocolates. Well then, who says I cannot celebrate Valentine’s while being single? For me, I’m fine with these chocolates. Aren’t you all thankful for sweets like these? Oh, I just love them all! I’m glad that they were given to me in perfect timing, such a stress reliever. Thank you my dear friend for giving me these chocolates. You made me and my sweet tooth so happy!

Lunch Date with the Kiddos

It is not everyday that we get to visit Chowking, Valencia. When we visit the place two weeks ago, I asked our good ol’ Yaya to take a photo of me with my kids. I am glad that they are game for it and gladly pose for the camera.

We ordered our favorite food which is the Chicken Lauriat (I have a big appetite) and one piece for my son. While my little daughter eats her Gerber.

We had a great time together and even though I am so busy I always see to it that we can spend time together.

My Birthday Cake

My bf gave me a birthday cake, you have seen the box beside the flowers from my post yesterday. But I want to share another birthday cake that I have received from my cousin.
I love chocolate rolls that is why I am so happy when my cousin arrived with this cake:

I celebrated my birthday in my cousin’s private resort and I was surprised when he arrived with the cake. My cousin is a very busy man that is why I am happy that he could still enjoy some of his time with us. Being the father of our town is not easy I guess, but still he knows that the family should come first.

Can’t Get Enough

Yes, I can’t get enough of Fedhz Polvoron and these yummies arrived just before we headed to our vacation. That is why I was able to bring a pack of polvoron to the CDO bloggers grand EB last May 21, 2011. I have met Mommy Rubz and other Bisdak Bloggers too.
After tasting Fedhz polvoron last January, a gift from her when I went to Manila, I ordered this month because I miss her polvoron and because I promised her. The 150 pcs of polvoron lasted only for a week, so sad. Now I want to eat Fedhz polvoron again when my bf is asking me how much are swisher sweets, the word sweets reminded me of the cookies and cream flavored polvoron of Fedhz.
So, for those who have not tasted Fedhz polvoron yet, common and try it. Satisfy your wants and needs, buy now.

I love Prunes

I love Prunes, who doesn’t? Aside from eating raisins, another favorite snacks of mine is Prunes or dried plums. When I was young, I thought that Prunes are just the bigger version of raisins, and girl, I was so wrong. A prune, according to Mr. Wiki, is any of various plum species, mostly European Plum. While raisins on the other hand are dried grapes.

Recently, I have only learned that eating Prunes have health benefits, I don’t know these things before, I only ate Prunes because I love the taste. Prunes contain a lot of fibers so it helps in preventing constipation. Prunes also help in fighting cancer because it is rich in vitamin A. Prunes are rich in iron too, so eating Prunes could help preventing anemia.

It is a great help to know more about what you are eating in order to avoid foods that can cause bad effects to our body and eat a lot of foods that have health benefits.