Mitch Albom’s The Time Keeper

Time is the most valuable thing on earth, because lost time is lost forever. There are no rewinds in life, no re-plays, we cannot make up for the times we have lost.

The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom is one of the best books about why we should value the time that we have right now and why we should make the most out of it. I would love to share a lot about this book but this post might too long and will become boring. So I will just have make a short book review about it.

The Time Keeper started when a man tried to measure God’s greatest gift to mankind and that he was punished for doing so. He needs to do something for God in order to stop his punishment which is being locked in a cave and was forced to listen to a lot of voices who seek more days, more weeks, more years from God.

In order to be free, Father Time needs to educate two humans the true meaning of time. One, a girl who wants to die and two, an old business man who wants to be immortal. Father Time must impart to them that only God can give them more time and that God is the only who decides when their time is up.


I Wish they Taught Money in High School : A Book Review

I am a bookworm and so when a friend posted that authors are looking for bloggers who could do a book review, I signed up. The book is entitled “I wish they taught money in High School so I’m not dependent on my paycheck by Clarissa Serina-De La Paz and I wish they taught money in High School so I can start my own business right away by Sharon W. Que”, I believe that this is a book that people should be reading to get ahead of the money game. 1535585_10151869252832499_603030701_n

Clarissa Serina-Dela Paz‘ I Wish they Taught Money in High School so I’m not dependent on my paycheck is an eye-opener for each one of us. Money truly doesn’t grow on trees but if we know where to properly invest it, maybe we can harvest it everyday for the rest of our lives. I was not and never was dependent of my paycheck because I wasn’t an employee for more than 3 months. The first and last time I had my paycheck was 7 years ago for my first job that only lasted for 2 months. Indeed, we need to check our Moneytude (attitude towards money) because it might be the reason why we are not earning more money in our lifetime.
While I was reading Sharon Que‘s I Wish They Taught Money in High School so I can start my own business right away, it was like I am reading my life story. My parents weren’t employees, they were into farming and business too. So I learned to earn money and appreciate its value when I was young. I used to sell anything that can be sold in my grade school and high school days. Sharon Que did a great job in her book, she’s teaching everybody the step by step formula on how to start up a new business. There are a lot of reasons why people are not into business, but the worst is by being scared and afraid of risks.

I would definitely recommend that you buy this book to learn how to earn more money from what you are earning right now. My friends even asked me if I could buy them a copy. You can check out their Facebook Page or their online store to order one : Lifestyle Upgrade 101.

Book Review: The Waiting Place

I have finally finished reading the book entitled “The Waiting Place”. After reading it I realize that I have been always waiting, I am always in the waiting line, and thankfully I have patience while waiting. I have been waiting for this book for so long, I think I have ordered it from Book Sneeze more than one year ago and it didn’t arrive. So I emailed them that I have been waiting but the book didn’t arrive in my mail box and that I cannot write a review for it if I have not read the entirety of the book and I cannot order again for a new book if I will not write my review for the book that I ordered and luckily they sent me another one.

The Waiting Place is written by Eileen Button and I thought it was connected with the movie “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” but it wasn’t. At first I thought the book was boring. I mean, hey, it wasn’t compelling enough that I kind of not enticed to read it. So I just left the book in my table, and after two days, I read it again. And there, I find what I have been looking for. I have learned a lot of new things and lessons by reading Eileen Button’s “The Waiting Place”.

I didn’t know that reading “The Waiting Place” could bring tears to my eyes. It made me realize that I am lucky and yet I have not thanked the people I should say thank you to. It made me realize that life is short and that I should live my life to the fullest and yet sometimes I tend to hate waiting for something when in fact I should enjoy every moment of my life. I also didn’t know that reading this book will bring smiles and memories from my past. It made me reminisce how I spend my childhood, my teenage years and how I got to where I am today. I realize that I have been waiting and that I have wasted my time in waiting when in fact I should not have. Now I know how to spend my time wisely, the time that I will have to spend in waiting, I could spend doing something productive.

Like the author said, we really should really learn how to appreciate life’s little delays because sometimes the good things happen at our most unexpected time.
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Reviving the Reader in Me

Ever since I was a child, books/magazines/comics were my best friends. My mom told me that I learned how to read by flipping on some Comics. And now that I could afford it, I have a vast library of books already. Sometimes I do read them again and I encourage my friends read too. I let them borrow some of the books I owned.

Now that we are on the age of computers, iPods, iPhones, laptops and kindles I think I should adapt to the changes. Though I would still buy books in bookstores, I am thinking of trying out reading e-books but first, I need to check out kobo versus kindle, because I needed some means to read my e-books right?

Even though I have two kids to take care of, even though I have a business to run, I still want to fit in my busy schedule my love for reading. I will find the time to read some books or e-books for that matter. And I do encourage everyone to READ. We learn a lot from reading, believe me.

Girl’s Guide? Definitely!

I am ONE BUSY-BEE but I cannot turn down a book that is offered for FREE. My cousin’s wife owned this book but when I saw it, I ask her if I can borrow it and she said yes. So here I am, holding this one great book in my hand. Trying my best to read it, understand it, and follow everything that is written on it. But it is not that easy you see, the book has 320 pages and it is quite thick, I am not finished with the first chapter just yet. But I will share with you the things that I will learn by reading it.

If in case you get your hands on it too, try to read it, you might learn something I couldn’t understand. Will be posting a lot of things from this book once I finished the first chapter.

Stieg Larsson’s Novel

I have been reading a lot lately and I forgot to share about my book escapades already. So for now, I want to share my love for Stieg Larsson’s novels. I really liked his characters and how he portrays each one of them. The twists and turns of events were so amazingly written and every time I flip or open a page it brings me to another world.

While I was reading his novels, it feels like I am watching it in 3D. Yes, my imaginations are so colourful and sometimes it is horrible, maybe because of the story line. Believe me; I cannot just put the BOOK down even for a minute. There was even a part where in I have thought about serial killers and all that but no, it was different. There were so many places shared in the book, cities, vast farm lands, mansions and castles, even CSI like offices and hospitals which makes me think about point of care cart.

All the things I have expected to happen didn’t happen, all the people I expected to be alive get killed and the people I suspect who were dead already were alive. The three novels were so GREAT and it feels so bad that Stieg Larsson died after delivering the 3 manuscripts because if he is still alive up until today, I expect more novels from him.

Dictionaries and Books

I have feel in love with books from the time I have learned how to read. My mom taught me how to read using Comics and I even though it was in our local dialect, it helped a lot. I can still remember that I used to have a collection of different books, from Tagalog pocket books to English novels, from story books to reader’s digest, and of course from dictionaries to encyclopedias. I still have them in my room; I have three bookshelves to boast. What I never had was a talking Arabic dictionary, by the name itself this must be digital. When I was in College, I have a Korean friend who gave me a sideline work. That is to teach her high school Korean friends English, they do not know Basic English so it was hard work for me but they have this gadget which is so cool because it translates English words to Korean words and vice versa. Through this gadget, we were able to understand each other and through this gadget they have come to learn how to speak English.

Mother’s Day Gift – Eat Your Peas, for Mom

I have been waiting for so long for this book to arrive at my doorstep and I was ecstatic when the postman finally delivered it. The book is entitled “Eat Your Peas, for Mom”. The very reason why I wanted to have this book and review it is I wanted to give it to my mom as a gift for mother’s day. I haven’t read the contents yet when I signed up to have it but I know that my mother would really appreciate it when she sees it, she is a bookworm just like me.
And though the words were just simple and the sentences are so short, it directly hits the heart, especially for mothers like my mom and me who are very sentimental and emotional. The line “simple truths and happy insights” really describes the book. Moreover, there are words that I simply want to tell my mom but I just can’t easily say or blurt out in front of her because I am afraid I will cry while telling her.

Every page that I flip and read, I remember the past, where I was so naive and young and careless about the things that I say and do. And suddenly, I realized that my mother has been there, always, even though I push her away from me. Her love for me is unconditional and as always it stays forever even though I hurt her feelings. Giving this book to my mom makes me feel great, and makes me realize that what a good mother she is because she has raised a person like me. It is not too late to give your mothers a perfect gift for mother’s day, and that is this book. They will really appreciate it among other things.

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Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through the BookSneeze®.com book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

Jungle Warfare: A Basic Field Manual for Christians in Sales

I am born to be in business, to be an entrepreneur, to be in sales. As far as I can remember my love for selling started when I was young, when I was in my grade school where in I sell every single thing that i know can be sold. From candies to chocolates, homemade sweets to cakes, mangoes and guavas, up to stationeries and different colored gel pens which are not easily available at my place.

Though I have no formal or basic education about sales and everything I succeed in generating income for myself but what I didn’t know back then was that there are ethics and manuals for Christians like me who were in sales. I have come to know about this when I was in College. My heart still seeks for more about this topic and so when I stumble upon a book entitled Jungle Warfare: A Basic Field Manual for Christians in Sales by Christopher A. Cunningham in Book Sneeze I never let the opportunity pass, I grab it and ask for a copy of it.

People who are in sales are always in a battle field, not the kind which have guns and ammunitions but the kind where good and evil battles. Jungle Warfare helps a person not only in the aspects of selling but also in the aspects of being a good Christian who is involved in sales. Let us accept the fact that sometimes, as a business-minded person, we tend to break the rules in order to reach our goal or our sales target for this month or year. We have the tendency to forget what we have learned in our Church about the good ways in order to have a good battle against our competitors. Competition in sales or in business is a good way of improving our products and services, so as a Christian we should know what a healthy competition is, and how to exceed our target without comprising our beliefs as a good Christian.

Jungle Warfare is truly a 22-Day Power-Packed Battle Plan wherein the reader can ponder upon the things they have done and will do in their day to day living as a Christian who are in sales. The book is like the popular books available in the market which can help the reader understand more about themselves because they can write their feelings towards every day topics that they have read. I totally recommend this book to my friends who are in sales and in business because this book is a great way to re-discover our Christian values and maintain it. You can preview the product at BookSneeze.

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A Book made of Love

Last 2009, I have met a very beautiful lady and her name is Sarah. She is beautiful inside-out and I am happy to have met such an amazing person. Though our time spent together is minuscule, I am thankful that God and the universe have conspired in order for us to be friends.

This January, she have finally tied the knot with her long-time boyfriend (I guess) and I am wishing her well and a life full of blessings.

I have found out that during the wedding, they have gave away a book instead of the common giveaways we receive every wedding that we attend to. Aside from that, this book is a product of their love for each other and for the less fortunate in our country.

According to Sarah (I have copied this note in her album in Facebook where she has uploaded the pictures and inviting us to buy this book)

Exactly one month ago was our Prose & Poetry-themed wedding. Exactly one month ago, on that day of vows and promises, we also launched our first co-authored published book. Entitled Under the January Moon, it is a collection of prose and poetry on life’s nothingness and intimate meaning. As two separate individuals and as a couple, we… share the same passion for the written word. Nestled in the pages of the book are lush artworks created by our mom and uncle.

We gave the book as a token to our wedding guests and at the same time, encouraged them to buy another one or two for a friend. For each book bought, the whole amount goes to SAGIP (Sagipin ang Galing, Isip at Pangrap)- a child & youth development program of Gawad Kalinga and to Santa Maria Eufrasia Daycare Center, a school in the mountains of Sariaya, Quezon, practicing the Waldorf teaching method. Donations are made under the name of the donor guest. This advocacy angle of our wedding is our way of doing our share in making the world a little bit brighter for children.

Our book will be available in some bookstores soon but for now, you can place your order with us. The same advocacy applies: Every book sold, donation will be made under your name to our 2 chosen institutions. At P450.00/book, you will already be able to help little souls who, by learning, will hopefully be able to uplift their own lives. If interested, please send us a msg. via FB, email us at (Rocky&Sarah’s joint email) or contact us at 0917-5928460 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 0917-5928460 end_of_the_skype_highlighting (Sarah’s mobile #).

Thank you. This book is our testament to love and to God.