Toy Stories #3 – Bike

Toy Stories

Toy Story again and of course I have a story to share. We bought a new BIKE for my son again, this is his 3rd bike from the time he was born. His old bike has said goodbye again, after months of serving its master. My son really loves to ride his bike and so he wont stop as long as it can be ridden. But his old bike cannot serve its purpose anymore because its chair was broken, the tires are not round anymore and its chains was broken into two. And instead of fixing it, I better get a new bike because it is already small for him. So this is his new bike:

Toy Story #2 – F1

Toy Stories

This is a Free Toy that we got when we went to Cebu last May. My cousin who let us use his van for our tour around Cebu won this toy. Shell has a promo where in you can have a chance of winning different prizes and one of them is this miniature car.
My son was so happy and delighted and he loves it so much.

Toy Stories #1

Shopping Bag

This is a new MEME hosted by a PMC mommy and I am glad to join this one because my son has so many toys in his closet. But right now I want to share with you his latest toy: A new PSP 3000.

If you are an avid reader, you probably know that he has a PSP 3000, black color since he was 2 years old because his godmother Lori gave him one. But after two years, the PSP gave up on him. I needed to buy him another one because my brother has a PSP too and wont let Jb play with it. We bought another one in Ayala, Cebu and he was so ecstatic because it has a different color, a Silver one.