When SAHMone Speaks #19

When SAHMone Speaks

How do you get your child sleep/take a nap during the day?

I usually let my 4-years old son play during afternoons then when I am not busy, I ask him to go to the room with me and we go storytelling after awhile he goes to sleep. Though it sound so easy, sometimes it is not especially when my son is so engrossed with his toys and games. Though I don’t take afternoon naps, I am there beside my son in order for him to feel that he is not alone. Sometimes I also do the bribing thing, I tell him that he can play with his PSP or my laptop if he will sleep for at least an hour or two.

When SAHMone Speaks #18

When SAHMone SpeaksAt what month did you introduce solid food to your baby?

I think my baby was 4 months old when I first introduce him to solid foods. The foods I let him eat was the ones I bought in the grocery stores, Gerber and Cerelac. He loves the variation of foods because Gerber and Cerelac offers different flavors. There are some flavors he doesn’t like and I would know initially when I see his facial expression so I don’t force him to eat it and I don’t buy it again.

When he was 6 months old that was when I introduce to him little by little the foods that we normally eat like rice, potato and some food which are so easy to chew and digest.

When SAHMone Speaks #17

When SAHMone SpeaksDo you make your kids finish their plates? Why or why not?

I do not force my son finish his food. I want him to eat because he wants to and because he feels and understands that he needs to eat. I do not know if it is just me but when I make my son finish his plate, he tends to stay away from the kitchen when its eating time. That is why I just let him eat what he wants to eat and when its time to eat. If he can’t finish his food at least he eat, if he can then very good.


When SAHMone Speaks #16

When SAHMone Speaks

If there’s one trait of your father that you’ve always loved, what is that?

I love my father so much and most people who knows us would say that I am my father in many ways than one.There were times when I have hated him so much but still, he is my father and I am my father’s daughter. I have forgiven him already and he has forgiven me for all the things I have said and done against him. And because yesterday was Father’s Day, I would like to make this entry as beautiful as I can for my father.

My father is a very good provider for his family, he knows how to make money for a living. He is a nobody but he tried and succeeded to make our life happy and fruitful. Our life story is not Rags to Riches kind, it is Rags to not so Rich. Even though it was hard, he manage to earn more money, that is why we can afford to buy our wants apart from our needs.

When SAHMone Speaks #15

When SAHMone SpeaksWhat made you decide to be on your current mommy status (WAHM, SAHM, Working Mom)? Was it hard for you?

Being a mom is difficult. It is a new phase in my life and I just can’t ignore it. Having a child has made me a very different person, it made me realize that my son is the most important person in my life right now, even more important than myself. I do not know what is my status, I cannot say that I am a Stay-at-home-mom because I have a business, I am not a Working Mom either, maybe I belong in the Work-At-Home-Mom status.

I run my own business at the same time I work online and still I am juggling my time baby sitting my son. The decision was not hard. Because I really wanted to be with my son all the time and I don’t want to work away from home because I will miss the opportunity of seeing him growing up.


When SAHMone Speaks #14

When SAHMone Speaks

As a mom, will you let your daughter/son live the life you’ve lived?

As a mom, Yes I would. I have a a very colorful life and a happy one. Every parent wants their child to have a life that is close to perfect, because every child deserves one.

I have lived a life that may not be perfect but it was a life that has no regrets. I have a very happy childhood and every child must have a memorable one. My parents have provided me with everything that I need, material or not. And they have mold me to be who I am today. I would say that they have done a good job raising this woman. So yes, I want my son to live in an environment where nobody judges him and where everybody is encouraging him to be who he wants to be and to be the best that he can be.


When SAHMone Speaks #13

When SAHMone Speaks

How different are your views about love and life now that you’re a mom?

Now that I am a mom, my views have shifted but it is not the kind of a 360 degrees turn because I am  not the kind of person who is so selfish that I would only think of myself only. Ever since, I may not be a good daughter but I am a good sister. I always look upon my little brother’s well being and when I went to college in the city which is faraway from my hometown, I always see to it that I have gifts or “pasalubong” for my brothers because I know that they are expecting it. I mean from that little things, I realized that really love them and I always wanted the best for them. So from being the spoiled brat that I am (because I am the only daughter), I became a dependable big sister who always gives way for her little brothers wants and needs.

And now that I am a mom my views about love and life is totally not different, there is just a little change. Instead of thinking of me, myself and I only, my son always comes first now. I love my son more than myself and I want to give him all he needs and wants before I buy what I need. I always see to it that I am there every step of his life, every journey that we travel together is so precious that I wanted to capture the moments always.

Moreover, because of being a single mother, it is so hard to find again a man that I would love and trust. Because I wanted to have a man in my life who can accept me for who I am and who can love my son as his own. But then again, I have found him now and we are happy together.

When SAHMone Speaks #12

When SAHMone Speaks

“As a mother, what do you think will be the best teachings you can pass on to your children?”

The mother is the first teacher of her child, as a mother I think the best teachings I can pass on to my children are good values that would lead them to a good path in life.

What the children have learned when they were young, they will bring it when they get old. I want my son to believe in God, have faith in Him, be afraid of Him and trust in Him. If he will learn all about God’s teachings while he is still young, I believe JB will walk the path of righteousness because he has God in his life.


When SAHMone Speaks #9

When SAHMone Speaks

Was there a time in your life when you thought “running away” was the only solution to your problem?

Yes. There was a time in my life in which I thought of running away in order to get away from the problems that I needed to face.

When I become pregnant, I know right there and then that I needed to find a solution but getting married was not one of the choices. When I gave birth to my son, I thought of working abroad in order to send enough money to raise him. But then again I choose to be with my son. To be the one who sleeps with him, to be the one who feeds him, to be the one who will help him identify right from wrong. I am glad that I had found the courage not to ran away and take the easy way out because now my hard works have been paid.

I realized that I need not run away from m problem because it wont solve a bit of it. It is always good to face the problem and ask some people some advices in order to help you solve the problem you are facing.

When SAHMone Speaks #8

When SAHMone Speaks

Do you tell your significant other everything about your worries?

Nope. Not all the time. Though I tell him if it is about him or something about us that we needed to talk about in order to be okay. I am an independent person and yes I am emotional too, but I try to find all the answers to all my problems and if I can’t then I will tell him my worries and maybe he could help me solve my problems.