3 Essential Services for Your Horse

Just about every child dreams of owning a horse one day. As an adult, you can make that dream a reality. Getting a horse is an exciting time, but you’re also taking on a lot of responsibility. Like with any other animal companion, your horse will require proper care to ensure that they remain healthy and happy. Here are three essential services that you need for your horse.

Veterinary Care

Regular vet care is essential for ensuring that your horse remains in good health. Your horse should have a routine check-up once a year. In addition to looking over your horse, the vet can provide necessary vaccinations as well as dental care. Establishing a relationship with a vet can also help in the event of a medical emergency.


Medical care for horses can be expensive. Horse insurance can help to alleviate some of those costs. Horse insurance can also help in situations where your horse causes an injury or damages property. Your horse insurance cost will vary based on several factors, so be sure to call around and get a few quotes.

Farrier Services

No matter if your horse wears shoes or not, farrier services are a must. A farrier provides regular hoof care, including trimming and resetting shoes. Regular services help to ensure your horse’s comfort, keep their hooves balanced, and provide good joint and tendon support. While it’s recommended to see the farrier every 4 to 6 weeks, your horse is unique. It may need services more or less frequently depending upon its needs, such as how fast its hooves grow or if it’s wearing shoes.

Getting a horse is like adding a member to your family. Taking care of your new family member is crucial. With the right care services, you can ensure that your horse remains healthy and that you get to enjoy plenty of time with your companion.

How to Care for your Cats

Taking the Best Care of Your Cat As the owner of a cat, you bear the responsibility of making sure it stays happy and healthy. It is up to you to make sure it gets its annual physical examination and vaccines as required by your city or state. When want to take your cat to a facility that specializes in the care of felines, you may wonder what types of services to which you and your pet will have access. You can learn more about physical exams, vaccinations, and feline acupuncture by visiting the website today. The Argument for Acupuncture You may be familiar with the purposes for acupuncture in humans. However, you may have never before heard of it being used for cats. In fact, cats can suffer from illnesses and injuries that leave them in pain and unable to move. Just like humans, they may require specialized medical treatment in order to restore their health. When you want to avoid putting your cat through expensive surgery, you may be open to less invasive means of treating it instead. Like acupuncture for humans, acupuncture for cats involves placing thin and delicate needles into the surface of the skin. As you can read online, it does not hurt your cat but instead can facilitate healing and pain relief that could help your cat get back on all four paws. You can remain with your cat while it undergoes the acupuncture treatment. Depending on how well it responds to the first treatment, it may require several more before your cat is fully restored to good health. You can find out more about acupuncture for cats and its benefits by visiting the business’s website today. Other Services Along with acupuncture, the facility also offers services that can help your cat stay in good health. If, for example, your cat needs to undergo surgery for an illness or injury, it can be hospitalized at the facility. When it is time to say goodbye to your beloved cat, you can also take advantage of the facility’s cat memorial services. The facility helps you remain a devoted cat owner from start to finish.

Simple Guidelines New Dog Owners Should Use When Preparing for a New Pet

Simple Guidelines New Dog Owners Should Use When Preparing for a New Pet

There are some essential items that new dog owners should get prior to bringing their new pet home. Preparing for your new pooch’s exciting homecoming does not have to be a difficult process. There are some simple guidelines that any new dog owner should use when preparing their home for a curious new pet. These guidelines can help streamline the necessary supplies from the often confusing array of pet supply products found in most pet supply stores.

Picking the Perfect Dog Food and/or Treats

Your new pet will need the proper food to stay healthy. Picking the perfect dog food brand is easy with a little bit of research beforehand. Look for dog food brands that are recommended by veterinarians. It is important to purchase pet food brands specifically made for your dog’s size, breed and age. This information should be on the product label. For best results, consult with your veterinarian for expert recommendations on pet food and treat product options.

Dog Grooming and Bathing Supplies

Every dog owner should have safe and effective dog grooming and bathing supplies on hand. The exact type of grooming products vary depending on the dog breed and coat length. It is better to stick with dog grooming products specially made for use on canines. A gentle shampoo is necessary to avoid stinging your pooch’s eyes, and dog owners will also benefit from a dog grooming brush and nail clippers as well. For added convenience, some dog owners decide to take their new pets to a professional dog grooming establishment. This is especially handy for dog breeds with longer fur that is harder to keep neat.

Essential Products Necessary to Keep Your Pooch Safe

All dog owners should prepare their homes to be safe environments for their cherished dogs. When dog proofing your home, consider purchasing indoor gates to keep your curious puppy or dog out of areas where it will be unsafe. There are also some terrific outdoor dog products to ensure pet safety outdoors as well. Some essential safety dog products include the right size and strength collars, walking leashes and outside chain selections. Dog owners can also find various types of outdoor dog enclosures and dog house options that can provide shade and warmth for pets throughout the year.

Other Recommended Dog Items Most Dog Owners Prefer

There are additional dog items that most experienced dog owners tend to recommend. These supplies include various styles of dog beds that give your pet a soft and easy-to-clean place for naps and relaxation. Dog toys are another product longtime dog owners would never be without. A bored dog often comes before the destruction curious pooches can cause to forbidden items like chair legs, human shoes and other things. Pick toys that are approved by pet experts and meet current safety standards.

Veterinarians and experienced dog owners recommend that dog owners have specific medical and/or first aid supplies like dog worming tablets, flea and tick repellents and antibiotic cream on hand at all times. Many dog experts recommend that pet owners create a pet first aid kit filled with various medical supplies suited for their specific dog. This can include wound dressing products, peroxide and a vomiting inducement medication in case of poisoning. Other commonly added products include blunt scissors, adhesive tape, blanket for warmth or carry purposes, sterile saline, tweezers, ice-pack and pet rectal thermometer. Another dog supply must-have is a pet carrier that can be used for comfortable transport or an overnight sleep area.

New pet owners can find these and other useful dog supplies at retail establishments that sell pet supplies. Online pet supply stores are an excellent dog owner resource for fast, affordable and convenient service anytime.

Proper Care for Horses

Many people in this world would love to own a horse. Unfortunately, the amount of money required makes owning such an animal cost prohibitive to the vast majority of the general public. Therefore, you need to be thankful if you are one of the people lucky enough to have a horse as a pet. Owning a horse is not just fun and games. An animal this big requires a great deal of care and maintenance. It is a lot more work that a cat or dog. Here are a few tips you can use to take good care of your horse.

1. Proper exercise

You know how important exercise is to a dog if you have ever owned one. You can then understand that it is essential for a horse to be able to run around on a regular basis. Ideally, you should keep your horse in an area with a large field or meadow where it can run freely or be ridden. Horses will develop serious health problems if they are denied exercise for an extended period of time. Therefore, you will need to hire someone to give your horse a regular workout if you are unable to do so.

2. Have your horse massaged

Massage therapy has proven to be very beneficial in terms of overall health for people who have it performed often. The same benefits can be received by a horse. You may not have heard of giving a massage to a horse before. However, it has become more common during the past decade. Horse owners are always trying to find new ways to keep their animals as healthy as possible. Giving horses regular massages will help to stimulate blood flow and reduce the possibility of muscle strains and pulls. You can learn more about equine massage therapy when you explore http://piaffe-performance.com/our-services/.

3. Chiropractic examinations

Yes, there are chiropractors for horses. It makes sense when you think about it. Horses have a huge spine that must support a great deal of weight when a person is riding the animal. Therefore, there is a lot that could possibly go wrong with a horse’s back. Regular chiropractic examinations are a great way to be proactive when it comes to your horse’s health. This will allow you to catch a spinal problem with your horse in the early stages before it becomes extremely problematic. The last thing you want is for your horse to require surgery.

Indoor Pet Potty Training

If you have been allowing anxiety of potty training to prevent you from bringing a dog or puppy into your life, there is a product available that makes potty training unbelievably easy. This product has far more benefits than simply being an ideal potty training tool. It is an ideal permanent potty option for apartment or condo living situations. The indoor pet potty at ModernPuppies.com is an amazing potty training tool. The Potty Training Pet Apartment (PTPA) they offer comes with an instructional DVD that contains valuable information and instructions. You can read testimonials from satisfied customers that relate their experience with the PTPA. You will notice that some of these testimonials come from people who have easily and successfully trained older puppies and puppy breeds that have a reputation for being difficult to potty train. There are numerous advantages to making a Pet Apartment a regular part of your home. Once you have trained your dog to use the potty apartment, you can leave your dog home while you are at work and not worry about them not having an opportunity or an appropriate place to potty. Puppies need to potty more often than adult dogs and chances are your work schedule can not be adjusted to accommodate their needs. The puppy apartment solves that problem. You will definitely appreciate the benefit of the PTPA during inclement weather. It also keeps you from having to venture out at night to walk your dog so that it can potty outside.

Our Dachshund Puppy

We have a new member of the family and her name is Jolie and you probably can guess where it came from. It was suppose to be Angelina but the name is just too long that is why we named her Jolie instead. Last Monday, we saw a dachshund puppy (a dappled one) in a cage outside a pet shop and we fell in love with her.

Yes it is not everyday that we buy on impulse but my boyfriend has been planning to buy a dachshund puppy for so long already and this one is half off its price from other pet shops so I think it was a good investment. It is an investment because the dachshund we have is a female one and people nowadays are buying different breeds of dogs to keep in their homes so we can sell Jolie’s puppies in the future like olivella are sold on the internet.

This is our cutie little Jolie posing for the camera.

Bebang’s Frontline

Bebang have fleas and ticks from our other dogs, so when we went to Vet Annabelle 1 month ago, I asked her for something that will help me kill the fleas and ticks. She suggested that I should buy a Frontline Spray. ll I have to do is to spray the entire body of Bebang and I should spray it only once a month.

So far, I am happy with its results. Though the 100ml is so expensive (725php or $18 more or less), it could last for almost a year or more. Besides, I could spend more for my Bebang’s health. I am scared that if I allow the ticks and fleas to stay in her body for so long, Bebang might get sick and worse of all the fleas and ticks will attack us too aside from the fact that they might cling to aston martin custom floor mats which we might have in our room and living rooms.

So if you have puppies and dogs or cats, I suggest you buy something like Frontline to keep them healthy and away from ticks and fleas.

Bebang’s Vits

What I like most with my pet’s Vet is that she is so kind and honest. Two weeks ago, I went to her with Bebang because Bebang needed a de-worming. Vet Annabelle gave us a bottle of Calcium Lactate because Bebang is getting old already and that Vet Annabelle has seen that Bebang is hunching. She’s scared that Bebang might get hunch back in the future if its bones will not be strong enough for its size. So she gave this bottle of vitamins for free sometimes its like you are reading the best diet pill reviews online because you can get free knowledge about it.

The only problem is I am afraid of letting Bebang take this vits because I do not know how to put it into her mouth. But Vet Annabelle said I could just mix it up with her dog food.

Puppy Shampoo

This is Bebang’s Shampoo. The place where we bought Bebang recommended this shampoo and so far, I am contented with it. It smells good and it help Bebang’s fur maintain its glow. Aside from that, Bebang loves to play with water and he wanted to smell good too.

I told Bebang’s vet about this shampoo and she said that this is a good shampoo for the dogs. So there, I am happy that I have made the right decision in buying the right shampoo for my pet.

As of now, my dog takes a bath every week and sometimes we miss it especially if Bebang gets to be vaccinated because according to her vet, she needs not to be bathedfor five days after the vaccination.

I might look into http://www.vettechschools.org to find out how I could help my pet more.

Bebang’s 5-in-1 Vaccination

Bebang just had her 5-in-1 vaccination today and she has met her Vet for the second time around. Though I really want to take a picture of Bebang while her Vet is vaccinating her, I can’t, simply because I was the one who held her and there was nobody around who could hold the camera for us.

Just like the Vet said, puppies like Bebang will not feel too much pain when they are vaccinated, so I just held Bebang softly and gently caressing her head. After the vaccination, the Vet cleaned Bebang’s ears and she played with her for a while. Graduates of vet tech schools know that even though it is painful for the owner to watch, vaccinations are so important for pets.

Bebang will not take a bath for five days after her vaccination, her Vet told me. So I will follow the Vet’s instructions for Bebang’s safety. Bebang is a big girl now, she weighs 3.7 kgs already.