McDonald’s Coca-Cola Glasses 2013

Everybody knows I am a sucker for COCA-COLA collectibles. And for this year, McDonald’s turns my world upside down again when they introduces Coca-Cola Glass 2013 limited edition that is inspired by the crimped crown lid of the iconic Coca-Cola contour bottle with the signature Coca-Cola logo.
Anyone can have their own 2013 limited edition Coca-Cola Glasses just visit any McDonald’s fast food store and add 25php to your value meal purchase with ice-cold Coca-Cola.
The 2013 Coca-Cola Glasses come in 6 exciting colors – Pink, Green, Blue, Aqua, Charcoal and Purple.

5 Years of being a Globe User and Counting!

I got my first cellphone when I was a freshman college student and I don’t care what service provider I used, back then. The important thing was I have a cellphone, I can text and I can call. But when I was in my senior years, I realized that I am not satisfied with the service that I am paying for so I SWITCHED.
I was a prepaid Globe user and I do register to Unli-call and Unli-text all the time because I need it. I need it because I came from the province of Bukidnon and our place is four hours away from my school and being home-sick kills me. I always call my parents and my siblings every time I got the chance to call and I always text my high school friends to check if they are on the city so we could get-together from time to time.

When I started my business 5 years ago, I realized that I need to have my own postpaid line with Globe because I need to connect with my customers and with my business partners.

I am GLAD TO BE GLOBE  because it was so easy to apply for a Postpaid Plan with them. Believe it or not, I have 2 personal lines, 5 plans under my business name, 1 unlisurf, 1 my family circle plan, and I am still planning to apply for a new line. I even convinced my relatives to apply for a Globe postpaid line because you get more than your money’s worth.

I am GLAD TO BE GLOBE because it brings me to my first Smart Phone, my iPhone 4S. I cannot afford to buy an iPhone and I am glad that Globe has made it possible for me to own one with their affordable postpaid plans. I didn’t regret making the switch 5 years ago.


I am GLAD TO BE GLOBE because I am allowed to have another iPhone 4S postpaid line that I have given to my dear brother who wants to own one too. He was so thankful that I have applied for a postpaid plan for him alone, it is unli-call, unli-text and unli-surf so that he can enjoy using his smart phone.
I am GLAD TO BE GLOBE because even though they provide priority numbers when paying for your Globe bill, you don’t have to wait that long. They have very efficient employees around the country. The first photo below is a Globe store located in Valencia Bukidnon, and the second photo is another Globe Store located in Lim Ket Kai, Cagayan de Oro. Of course you can pay your Globe bill through Bayad Centers and Bank transactions, and I can even auto-charge it with my credit card if I want to.
I am GLAD TO BE GLOBE because it paved the way to my LOVE for Apple products. If Globe didn’t approve my application for an iPhone 4S plan, I couldn’t appreciate Apple products because I have not tried using it.
33978_10151293846247499_1892445549_nI am GLAD TO BE GLOBE because they have made a BOLD MOVE in upgrading their network in the whole Philippines. Dropped calls were reduced, text messages arrived on time even during holidays, and internet is FASTER compared to other network service providers.

I am GLAD TO BE GLOBE because it doesn’t only connect me to my love-ones and friends but it allows me to connect with my readers and social network friends.

I am GLAD TO BE GLOBE and I have been for the past five years and I will be for the next coming years because NOTHING COMPARES TO GLOBE Services. They have stood by their promise, they connect people, they bridge communities, and yes they care for their subscribers.


Exercise Your Right to Vote

Exercise your right to vote. Nobody has the power to take away your right. It is Your Right and will always be Your right to choose who among the candidates for elections are suitable to make our nation a better place.

Last Monday, May 13, 2013 I have exercised my right to vote. Though we needed to vote for 12 Senators, I only voted for 4. I showed my country that my vote counts and that I have chosen the people who I believe have the power to bring more progress in my country and in my city.

I am showing my dirty finger, just like any other instagram users here in my blog as a way of showing to the world that sometimes it pays to be active.

Halloween Parties

I really want to join Halloween parties, dress up and wear that perfect make up that would fit my costume. Go visit the neighborhood bringing my little pumpkin basket and say “Trick or Treat” after knocking at their doors. Yes, I have been watching too much Hollywood Movies, it is where I have seen kids dressed up in their Halloween costumes and receives a lot of candies and chocolates after shouting “Trick or Treat!” in every home that they visit.

But we don’t celebrate Halloween here in our town and we don’t dress up on Halloween’s eve, and people don’t prepare chocolates and candies for children saying “Trick or Treat!”. Instead, they visit the cemetery and clean their departed loved-ones grave.

And now, I have decided that next year will be different. I will try to organize a kiddie Halloween Party for my children and for my nephew and nieces. Because I want them  to experience the things that I have not experienced and it breaks my heart every time they ask me about Halloween Parties and Chocolates.

Shopping for my Grandmother

My grandmother has been bed-ridden for more than 5 years already and it was not easy for my mom’s part or her siblings. My mother and her siblings take turns in taking care of my grandmother; they have a schedule that they need to follow. Each one should spend at least two weeks to take care of my grandmother at their old home in Calunasan, Calape Bohol. Aside from that, each one of them should donate the same amount of money for all the expenses that our grandmother needs which includes Prevail adult-sized diapers, medicines, clothes, milk, food and vitamins. Our grandmother used to have 4 caregivers which takes turn in bathing and feeding her, some of the money that my mom and her siblings gives every month goes to their salary.

It is hard to take care of our grandma but it became much easier when everybody helps. We are a big family so the tasks became easier and the money that needs to be raised every month is divided among us. My grandma has 16 children so imagine her stressful life when she was younger and taking care of her children.

We need to shop for Grandma’s needs and I am glad that there are online stores like which has almost all of my Grandma’s needs. We don’t need to leave the house just to buy everything that my Grandma needs; we just need to have an internet connection to order.

Get A Life, DUH!

If you are my friend in Facebook you probably have read all my current status updates so you will not be wondering what my blog post title is all about.

I just hate it when people keeps on mumbling and say bad about something when in fact they didn’t do anything to help. They are so pathetic and boeotian. I mean hey, stop talking about trash about what is happening about our community, about our country, about the leaders if you yourself have not done anything that have a positive effect on your community, on your people or your country. Stop talking about rubbish and start doing something that could perhaps help the common people or be beneficial to the whole community.

I am sick and tired of hearing this kind of nonsense. Walk the talk! Stop bad-mouthing the community leaders, the government officials or the people who have nothing to do why you are not rising above the pit you are in.

Do you have a Driver’s License? Participate and Win in this Survey!

Do you have a Driver’s License? Do you think that our Driver’s License should stay as it is or it needs a slight change? We acquire a Driver’s License in order to have the right to drive, aside from that we can use it to be identified in certain situations. But do you think otherwise?

Even if you have no Driver’s License, you can still take part of this survey, we really need your honest answers. This is what our current Driver’s License looks like:


1. Fulfill the survey below.
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3. The survey and giveaway will start September 27, 2012 at 12 NN and will end on October 27, 2012 at 11:59 PM.

Take our ONLINE SURVEY, we need your OPINION, you honest OPINION about this matter!

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GeBunny – Bitbit the Bunny

Sophie La Girafe is the reason why I met Spinkie’s Bitbit the Rabbit. The reason why I chose to buy the plush toy aside from the fact that I feel that it is the right cuddly toy for my baby daughter is that it is purely and proudly Pinoy made.

The package arrive after 4 days of ordering and yes I am satisfied with the money that I paid it for. I am glad that Spinkie accepts Paypal payments because I have lotsa funds in there.

I want to share this thought copied from the little card tied around Bitbit the Rabbit’s neck when it arrived: “Bitbit the Rabbit – Your Baby’s all weather friend. This little bunny is perfect for play, snuggling and even excellent for teething and sleep assistance.”

The photo above is me and my little baby with GeBunny , GeBunny is what the name we came up with her little bunny because it is Gerayah’s Bunny.

Random Act of Kindness

Last Wednesday, we had Chicay’s Rotavirus vaccine at our Municipal Health Center. Every Wednesday is the schedule for immunization in our little town, so we went there early in order to get a priority number and finish first before some of my townsmen arrive. We arrive at the RHU at around 8 am, and we left after 1 hour of waiting. We are the 4th patient and waited for our turn.

There was this young mother who got the first priority number; she brought her baby boy for his 5 in 1 vaccine. At around 8:15 am, her baby boy made a poo-poo, she was angry and kept on scolding her 4 months old baby. She was saying that they will just wait for their turn and change her baby’s diaper when they get home. But her son is not in the mood already, the baby boy kept on crying maybe because he is not comfortable with himself. So I thought to myself, maybe she has no extra disposable diaper that is why she is scolding her baby. So I told her that she can have my extra diaper, I always brought extra diapers with me every time we leave the house in case my Chicay will need it. She was hesitant at first but I told her that she doesn’t need to pay me; she can have it so that her baby will stop from crying because we are still waiting for the midwives and the nurses that will give the vaccines. She thanked me and changed her baby’s diapers and soon after her son was okay.

You know, it is not every day that we encounter people who needs our help, may it a little one or big one. This is just one random act of kindness and yes, I didn’t do anything great to be called a good person, but I did make a mark on someone else’s life for doing so.



Triple Drum

My brother joined the school band last year and he used the bass drum. This year, he wants to try out his skills in triple drums. The problem is, there are no extra triple drums in their school so we needed to buy a new one for him. I said no, because it is not very practical to spend such big amount of money for something that he will just use this year and probably will ditch the triple drum next year. But he keeps on begging me and I finally bought him a triple drum for his school band and I don’t know if 5 years from now he will ask for a rickenbacker 360 because he really wants to learn to play the guitar, he currently practices using my classical guitar. And if ever he’ll ask for an electric guitar like a rickenbacker, I think he will not like it if I say no, so I might as well save money today for his electric guitar.

The triple drum costs $160 and I just hope that he will still use it even if he is in high school already. He looks so small bringing his triple drum during the parade here: