Sale at Primadonna

SALE is always an opportunity especially for a cheapskate like me. I am not used to wearing branded clothes simply because my Mom didn’t raised me to be conscious about the prices of the things that I am wearing or using. We live a simple life and we always wear the clothes that we are comfortable wearing, branded or not. My mom used to shop in Ukay-Ukay stores and up until now, we are still buying in different Ukay-Ukay stores if we can find the time to do so (you need to have a lot of time when you shop in a UK store). And now that I can afford to buy my own clothes, I developed the habit of buying for the things I need and wants when they are ON SALE. Branded clothes sometimes go on SALE and that is when I get the chance to own them. I am not ashamed of buying things on sale as long as I didn’t stole it.

When I visited CdeO City 2 weeks ago, I saw the 4 letter word in my favorite store, so I decided to drop by and check out if they have something that would capture my heart. Nevertheless, I found this beautiful pair of sandals and decided to buy them, I don’t know if King Instruments go on SALE, but I am glad that princess’ items like this one goes on SALE.

Cute Little Flip Flops

I just love having a baby girl; you can dress her up with cute clothes, accessories and shoes. And that’s why I bought this cute little Havaianas for Chicay at 20% off. It has gold strap with Winnie the Pooh on it, I just can’t wait for my Chicay to wear and walk on these.


Chicay’s flip flops

And I bought one for my goddaughter, Trish, too! That’s my Christmas gift for her. Isn’t it cute?


Christmas gift for Trish

How about you, have you bought a cute little flip flop too?

Havaianas Necklace

Last June, I bought another Havaianas slippers for JB, and when I saw the poster outside the Spruce store that we can get a Free Havaianas necklace if we buy 2 pairs, I buy another pair for myself. I love freebies and though buying two slippers would be a little expensive, I still bought two pairs.

So this is what we got as a freebie:

Yes, the necklace is so cute and it matches my Havaianas mood bracelet. I do not know if this is available to all Havaianas selling stores, but if you love the necklace, and you love owning flipflops, then try your luck 🙂

JB’s Slippers

This is my first time to spend so much for a kid’s slipper. It’s not that I don’t like my son to have the best things in life but I just felt that he doesn’t need branded clothing and accessories when he was young because children nowadays grows up too fast. But lately I realized that I should spend some ka-ching on my son’s slippers now that he is Kinder 1 and goes to school everyday. His teacher doesn’t require them to wear uniforms and shoes all the time though he has a school uniform and a black shoes. Sometimes my son doesn’t like to wear his shoes because he says it hurts his soles or ankles. He is not just used to wearing shoes right now so I will not force him to wear one.

Being a Bridesmaid

On being a bridesmaid, which I always am, all I can say is that you needed to prepare a lot of things. I mean, hey, let us all accept the fact that we needed to be beautiful and sexy and we want (together with the couple) to be perfect for the wedding.
Some girls even went to different saloons and spas to get prepared. In order to have an outcome like this one:

Isn’t that a pretty pose? (yeah, I am just trying my luck on being a model.teehee)
So, back to the main reason of this blog entry. For me, these are the things you needed to prepare in attending a wedding : a clean teeth, no eye bags (make sure to sleep early before the wedding), a good shaven/plucked underarm (you don’t want the guests to think that you came from the outer space do you?), and a perfect shoes womens. I mean hey, look at this picture, and tell me if I don’t have it.

Sandals From Baguio

I have never been in Baguio and I really wanted to visit it. My mom has visited the place last year with her sisters and I am glad that my mom have brought me pasalubongs from Baguio, a t-shirt and several fashion jewelries.

Last week, my mom’s friend has visited us, and gave me these beautiful sandals that were made from Baguio:

I love sandals and I always do. Especially sandals that are not common here in our place. I am proud that a fellow Filipino could think of something like this.