Tips On Planning A Wedding

When the time comes to plan your wedding, there may be some things which are nice to know, things that one rarely or never thinks about unless there is a wedding involved. It is for this reason that these top expert tips on planning a wedding are presented to you.

1. Remember that the guests come first. Know in advance the rough number of guests who may be attending or who have been invited so you will know which building to rent at which to have the wedding. One major mistake newbies make is to rent a building which is either too small or too large for their event.

2. Check out what is going on in the area on the date you have chosen. There may be local events such as sporting events or charity walks which can have a major impact on traffic or the availability of rooms at hotels.

3. Pay attention the weather. Most guests will not want to cut through a long ceremony if it is outdoors and the heat is stifling or if it is indoors in a poorly-heated building. Make sure the event is appropriate for the weather of the season. Always have a backup plan in case of the weather changes suddenly. Sometimes Mother Nature simply does not want to cooperate.

4. If all of this seems like it could be the beginning of an extended headache, consider using the service of professional event coordinators such as Maggie Valley weddings. BY going this route, you can alleviate much stress and focus on what is important, namely the big day which will be one of the happiest of your life.

With proper planning and foresight, there is no reason to have a stressful wedding day. Just follow the aforementioned advice to have a joyous occasion.

Officially Engaged

Dear Omman,

You gave me more than what I have expected and more than I have asked for. I have no idea about the surprise you have prepared for me last night, you managed to do it even with your busy schedule. I am not disappointed with how it happened, in fact I am so surprised and happy, I do not know what to do and say. ( We should have a practice-proposal at least twice so we could have a perfect surprise-marriage proposal ). I know, this might be so cheesy it sucks, or people might think that I am a show-off, or that this is uber-PDA already, BUT I don’t care. I am happy and I want to show the world wide web that I am. I could be the best girlfriend or wife the world has to offer but I could be the worst too. And yet, you still chose to love me and to ask my hands for marriage. My Love, there is nothing I could ask for from God above, you are, indeed, the One that He has prepared for me. I love you more than you will ever know.