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MANILA, JULY 5, 2022 – We’ve officially crossed the first half 2022, but there’s still a lot to look
forward to as we welcome the last few months of the year. And what better way to celebrate the
mid-year madness than catching the best deals on Shopee at the 7.7 Mid-Year Sale? Now’s the
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And for lucky number 7, we’ve handpicked 7 of the hottest tech deals to kickstart the 7.7 Mid-
Year Sale:

Get a grip on your busy days with this Haylou Waterproof Smart Watch, equipped with health
and sleep monitoring, 12 sports modes, weather notifications and music functions. Craving
those unreachable, beautiful views? Explore the world using this Dual Camera FPV Drone so
you can conquer the scene and reach heights for better travel memories for you and your
friends thanks to its 4K double camera, three-sided infrared avoidance, and 100-meter distance
features. Be on top of your game with this Adjustable High Back Gaming Chair, complete with a
wide backrest and adjustable heights and tilts so you can have that customized comfort while in
battle. Unlock the touch-screen potentials of your phone, iPad, or tablet with this handy Stylus
Pen, perfect for taking down notes, signatures, and drawings.

Make your home safe and comfortable with the help of these must-haves! Embrace extra safety
in your front door with this auto-sensing Spray Sterilizer, complete with 3 spray modes, 320-mL
capacity, and easy-to-install pieces. Cooking and convenience go hand-in-hand with the TJean
Air Fryer, non-sticky and hassle-free to navigate with its pre-set menu and timers. Be your own
barista with this Hibrew Espresso Machine, which comes with easy to use large buttons and
displays, a retro-stylish look, and a 15-bar pressure for ground coffee to help serve you that
much-needed punch of delicious espresso.
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Olay, Havaianas, LOVITO, Huawei, OPPO, and infinix.
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From A to Z, Mas Mura Sa Shopee! Check out these ₱66 deals at the 6.6 Midyear Sale

Shoppers can enjoy a wide array of ₱66 deals, shipping discount vouchers, and 10% off

vouchers at the 6.6 Mid-Year Sale!

2 JUNE 2022, MANILA – Discover a variety of items from A to Z on marked down deals as low
as ₱66 in time for the 6.6 Mid-Year Sale. Aside from shopping for these Mas Mura Sa Shopee*
₱66 deals, you can also avail of shipping discount vouchers, 10% off vouchers, and so much
more on 6.6.
With products to help upgrade your home and living experience, spruce up your wardrobe, and
even inspire you to pick up new hobbies, here’s a list of exciting ₱66 deals from A to Z that you
should add to cart now and checkout on 6.6:

A is for the Aux USB Adapter that lets you charge your phone while enjoying your favorite

*vs. non-campaign prices
B is for the Baseus Hanging LED Table Lamp that can illuminate your workspace at home.
C is for the Cartoon Animal Door Stopper that comes in adorable animal designs such as a
wide-eyed cat or a lazy bear.
D is for the pink Dried Flower Jelly Lipstick that provides long-lasting moisture for a more
luscious pair of lips.
E is for an Essential Oil Diffuser that gives off a relaxing aroma coming from its beech, walnut,
rosewood or teak finish, perfect for your every mood.
F is for the Fashion Boutique Crop Top that will keep you stylish and comfortable when you’re
out and about.
G is for the Guitar Thumb Finger Pick you can use for jamming on your acoustic or electric
guitar to help you dish out some awesome riffs.
H is for the Howbone Cat Snacks that’s a great catnip treat for your furry friends.
I is for the Indoor Non-Slip Slippers to wear at home, making lounging around extra relaxing and
J is for a brand-new pair of Jogger Pants completing your trendy streetwear and athleisure
K is for a K-Pop Photocard Holder to have all your valuable K-Pop photo cards of your bias safe
and secure.
L is for Lovito’s Casual Rib Tank that can be a closet staple for fashionistas who want a piece
that’s simple and flattering.
M is for a MetroSunnies Speclace to keep your face mask and glasses on you at all times.
N is for a Newborn Handprint & Footprint Ink Pad that will preserve precious memories with your
O is for OhMyHoney’s Soft Powder Blusher that gives you a natural looking blush all day long.
P is for a Posture Corrector Humpback Support that has breathable fabric and helps reduce
shoulder and back pain.

*vs. non-campaign prices
Q is for Queen Square Loafers that can be dressed up or dressed down for whatever occasion.
R is for a Refrigerator Organizer that is lightweight and sturdy to neatly stock your fresh produce
and leftovers at home.
S is for a Stainless Steel Stud Earring that can bedazzle your #OOTD.
T is for Tala by Kyla’s – Stay Collection that lets you feel like the prettiest person in the room
whenever you wear these accessories.

*vs. non-campaign prices
U is for a UV Toothbrush Disinfection Rack that ensures you have a clean and sterile toothbrush
each time you use it.
V is for a Versatile Leather Belt to accentuate your look and be styled in a variety of ways.
W is for a Waterproof Travel Organizer that keeps all your items intact and safe from any
X is for X9 Bluetooth Earphones that have built-in DSP audio processing system, to eliminate
noise as you listen to your music uninterrupted.
Y is for Yarn Knitting Sewing Needles that are ideal for crochet and sewing hobbyists.
Z is for the Zircon Two-layer Adjustable Ring which you’ll love as a gift for yourself or your loved
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What Everyone Should Know About Fishing Boat Rental

Before you set out on a fishing charter or find a fishing boat rental Barnstable MA, you should know several things. First, find out the rules of the road. It’s a good idea to stay close to your hotel, as many fishing charters leave early in the morning, and it’s challenging to get across town before sunrise. A fishing charter also means you can sleep in.

Rules of the road

While fishing, follow the road rules. Every vessel must keep a proper watch at all times. You must drive slowly enough to avoid an accident regardless of the conditions. A steady bearing and diminishing range imply a collision danger. Decide whether or if there is a collision risk. If you encounter another boat head-on: According to boating laws, vessels approaching each other head-on must always pass port to port — or left to left, exactly as on the road. Remember that boaters must pass other vessels left to left or port to port. This is especially important in crowded harbors. Use your best judgment and be courteous to other boaters. The boater has the primary responsibility to operate safely. However, it’s also important to be aware of the laws in the region.

Rules of the water

If you are new to the water and have not spent much time on boats before, it might be wise to hire a captain. While you may get a discount for being early, the last thing you want is to get in trouble for being late. Therefore, it is better to arrive at the rental location 20 minutes before the scheduled departure time. Make sure that everyone on the boat wears life jackets, especially children.

The Sea Rules apply to any watercraft, whether you are renting a boat or fishing for recreational purposes. In addition, you will need to wear a life jacket on board the boat, and you must wear a U.S. Coast Guard-approved personal flotation device (PFD) if you weigh thirty pounds or more. The failure to wear a PFD will result in a loss of rental fees and a docking order.


Refueling your fishing boat when renting it is a necessity. Most rental companies provide a fueling station map for you to use. You can take your boat to the marina closest to your desired destination if you want to go further afield. You will need to pay for the fuel you use, which is usually about six to 10 gallons. The price is dependent on the size of your boat and the amount of fuel used.

Be sure that your boat is level. It is easier to pour fuel into a level boat, so make sure to adjust your bunks or trailer hitch before filling the tank. Position yourself to see the deck fill and hold the nozzle comfortably. If you have to strain to see the deck fill, you will likely spill the fuel. You can use an absorbent pad on the deck near the deck fill nozzle to avoid spills.

Why It’s Worth It to Live in Banff

Banff National Park, straddling the line of Alberta and the USA border, is a park unlike any other.  This park has something for anyone less expensive than other parks while still delivering on views, activities, and people.  Living here is like taking a permanent vacation, and here’s why.

The Views

In Banff, you’re in a fishbowl of mountains.  This mountain range stretches on seemingly forever and cradles rivers and plains in their midst.  Because of this, regardless of the weather or season, the views are gorgeous.  Snowy peaks that slowly turn entire mountains white are so beautiful it’s like being surrounded by postcards at all times.

Many take up hiking in all seasons so that they can take in the beautiful surroundings without having to move as fast as skiing or snowboarding.

The Full Seasons

Many think that mountain cities only have one season: snow.  That’s not true!  In the summer, temperatures reach a warm 22°C (72°F), which makes outdoor sports more fun and hiking even more exciting.  Of course, winter hits hard with temperatures averaging around -30 °C (below -22 °F), but in between these two seasons, you get incredible weather.  The mountain trees turn shades of orange and red in fall, bringing through autumn views more beautiful than anywhere else, and in spring, as the ice and snow thaw out, lush green mountains are revealed underneath.

New Interesting People

Because Banff is a tourism town, you’re guaranteed to meet new and exciting people every day when looking at Banff homes for sale.  Without being as overwhelmingly commercial as most tourism areas, this national park offers visitors a touch of comfort and relaxation while giving residents the same thing year-round.  Tourists can be exciting and fun, and living in an area that gets a lot of them means that you’ll never grow bored of where you live!

Delicious Food

Good food is a must!  Banff has unique, delicious restaurants like The Bison Restaurant, which serves up delicious Canadian classics while keeping itself affordable.  There are a couple of chain restaurants for convenience and the comfort of recognizability. Still, the unique restaurants in the area are as exciting and memorable as those who live there.

Of Course, The Fun

You’ll never run out of things to do in Banff.  Although it’s a relatively small national park town, there’s no end to fun and excitement.  Of course, the area is famous for skiing and snowboarding.  Winter sports are a fantastic way to get out of your comfort zone and enjoy some physical activity.  On the other hand, there are also spas and retreats for those who would instead pamper themselves than run themselves ragged on a mountain.

Home is where the heart is

When this Covid 19 virus last year started to create havoc , our countrymen didn’t believe it not until our very own President declared a ECQ or enhanced community quarantine where everyone should stay at home. No travels, no leisure time, unless you really need to go to work because you cannot work from home, you need to stay at home. Then most of the flights were cancelled , some of the hotels and inns, even resorts experience a very big loss , some were forced to closed down. Then schools followed, children weren’t allowed to go to school anymore and the government issued a memorandum that every children from nursery to high school even to college should learn from home through modular classes or virtual classes.

Everybody stayed at home, mostly, most people I know. Then everyone seems to find that their home wasn’t conducive for studying. Everyone felt that their home is lacking something, so everybody became a “Plantita/Plantito” ( people who loves gardening with flowers) to make their home more aesthetically beautiful and pleasant to their eyes. And then some even find the time to check every little details and problems within their homes and find the time to renovate and make it more appealing and homey. And some decided to sell their homes in the city or urban areas and buy a new home at the province because it is less costly compared to living in the cities. While others preferred to invest and buy a new home instead of renting because it is where they can save and well, invest in something that they will own in the future. They were able to find a site that have helped them in estimating mortgage affordability based on income. When the pandemic happened and everybody stayed home, most people realized that they should have invested in a better house that would cater their every need. Because before the pandemic, we just go home and sleep in it, then wake up every morning, get the kids to school and the grown ups to work. But when everybody was asked to stay at home, work from home and learn from home, we realized that we should have made a better decision in finding a good home, a good community and a good place to be with our family.

During the pandemic, we connected with our family, friends and relatives from other countries and learned that we have the same sentiments. Not only in our country that we needed to stay at home and work from home but also in other countries. I learned from my cousin that they have now realized that investing in real estate was a good decision before everything happened in a blink of an eye. While some wasn’t able to invest before hand. Nevertheless, it is not too late to invest in a good home or renovate your home to fit your needs especially now that we are on the second year of community quarantine. It is never too late to invest a real estate and we should start somewhere, somehow. Because home is where the heart is.

My Adventure as a Blogger over the Last Decade

I started blogging because of online giveaways. I didn’t blog for money, fame or because I want to share my daily life to other people. I blog because I needed to. There are a lot of online giveaways that gives out additional points if you can blog about their blogs. So basically, I am an online giveaway/online contests addict who wants to win and created a blog in order to earn more points, because more points means more chances of winning.

Then, I learned that I can earn and that I can connect with sponsors, companies and other websites who wants their products to be featured in different blogs, to be honestly reviewed by real people who blogs like me. So , I bought a domain of my own and hosted it through a friend.

I met a lot of friends online, I made friends with people who also blogs, who live far away from me and who shared their experiences on blogging and how to earn from it. From there, I made money in order to pay for my domain name and for my hosting and some I kept to pay for my wants.

I was at peak of writing, sharing away my journey, my every day struggle, my life, my everything in my blog. Showing who I really am. But eventually, writer’s block happens from time to time, I sometimes do not update my blog because I don’t know what to write anymore. That maybe sharing my life do not encourage readers, I need them to connect with me so I need to write something they really want to read.

As of now, I am trying to find my “WHY”, why I am into blogging, why I need to write my thoughts and share it to other people, why I should be writing in my blog.

I wish I could be like Jessica Strange how she realized that she is an INFLUENCER, because I still cannot see myself as an influencer and that I sometimes shy out from myself thinking that I am ahead of myself. I am ashamed of claiming that I am indeed a blogger and an influencer at the same time.

One thing is for sure though, I know I am authentic in what I wrote and that is why readers would read blogs of people who share their personal journey, their stories, their own life because the readers can connect with them. And I love how there are ways to empower bloggers and influencers nowadays. Back then, nobody cared about us, if there were, just a little percentage to the number of companies who wants to support bloggers and influencers from different walks of life and different regions of different countries.

I have been on hiatus for a year already and I guess it is now time to start all over again, writing my thoughts, my life, my journey in between, my love of life and how I deal with struggles in my everyday life. The pandemic may have taken its toll on me but I will not dwell on my failures instead I will continue to strive and do more because I know I can rise above my writer’s block.

Our little family vacation at C Resort

We stayed at their Burgundy Room, C Resort’s Suite Room with an exclusive mini pool.This is a big room but it is actually designed as a couple room. It has a complimentary breakfast for 2.

The resort management allows, however, family or group accommodation since the room is really quite spacious. A family of 5 , we paid 800 pesos for an extra bed for Kuya Jb and an entrance fee of 200 pesos for ate Chicay. We weren’t asked to pay for our little Ella since the resort offers no charges for children below 4ft and a special discount for children whose height is a little over 4ft just like our ate Chicay.Their usual rate for an overnight stay is PhP9,900.00 but they are now offering a discounted price of PhP8,900.00.

The room is clean, spacious, and smells nice. Well, much of it is because of the smell of the salty sea breeze which is just so soothing and relaxing. The view is to die for. Room amenities include an exclusive mini pool, TV set, mini refrigerator, and an electric kettle. The room also has a hot shower. The CR is a bit small but its still fine.

The mini pool is clean and we love that it is exclusive. Just what we really need and looked for in a resort so we can still avoid being in close contact with other people while we take some time to relax and get away from our usual pandemic hideout. The pool can also be used any time during your stay. It has no time restrictions.

They also serve food and they even serve it in the room, upon request, which is much helpful for us, too. If you are looking for sand and sea, the beachfront at C Resort is not for you. You can still enjoy having some seawater “therapeutic bath” but the beachfront is filled with rocks the resort staff would tell you to “bathe at your own risk”. But if you’re just looking for the smell of salt and sea, the relaxing sound of the waves, and the reinvigorating sea breeze, I’m sure you will be satisfied with your stay in this resort just like us.

The staffs are nice, especially the kuya guards, and Fred and Gary (who helped us with our bags) and even those who served our food in the room. They are very polite and helpful.Overall, C Resort is just amazing!

Tips for Traveling With Kids

When properly planned, family vacations can be a wonderful way to bond and enjoy spending time together. However, traveling with kids can be a little bit tricky if not done the right way. Try these planning tips before you jet off on your next getaway. 

Choose the Right Vacation

Not all vacations are going to work for all kids. It is important to find something that the whole family will be happy with. Some popular choices are the beach, amusement parks and national parks. Where you go really depends on the age of your children. Traveling usually gets easier when they are older. 

Plan in Advance

Planning in advance can take away a lot of stress on your vacation. For instance, if you are going on a cruise, you can go ahead and book a shuttle bus from Houston to Galveston. You don’t have to have a full itinerary, but having some activities planned early on can save you time while you are on your trip. If you have little ones, make sure to plan for some rest time as well. 

Pack the Essentials

Younger children require a lot of things. If you have a baby, you’ll need to pack bottle, diapers, a stroller and make sure there is something for him to sleep in. If you want to save money you can pack some snacks for the trip so you don’t have to spend as much on food. Don’t forget to pack a special stuffed animal or blanket for your child to have at night. 

If you are still feeling a little overwhelmed trying to plan a vacation with children, consider hiring a travel agent. He can help take care of some of the planning for you so that you can relax and enjoy spending time with your family instead. 

What to Know About Alimony Payments in Florida

Divorce is still common enough in the state of Florida despite rates falling below fifty percent in recent years. Child support is awarded in the event there are children in the marriage, but spousal support is not dependent on children. A variety of factors affect if alimony is awarded and what form it takes.

Durational Alimony

An alimony attorney Orlando FL can go over durational alimony, but essentially it is awarded for moderate-to-short term marriages. The duration of the alimony often matches the length of the marriage but rarely exceeds it. This is often used when other forms do not fit.

Bridge-the-Gap Alimony

As indicated by the title, bridge-the-gap alimony is transitional. The money is aimed to help the spouse start their new single life from married life. It helps cover identifiable and foreseeable bills needed to start over.

Permanent Alimony

Long-to-moderate length marriages may be granted permanent alimony. Spouses who cannot achieve the standard of living as a single person that they had while married can receive this form of support. It helps cover general needs and necessities. The court staff determines what that amount should be.

Temporary Alimony

Temporary alimony is the shortest form available. It covers only the time until the divorce proceedings finalize. Another type of alimony may be awarded in its place.

Rehabilitative Alimony

Some spouses may not have the skills or training necessary to start life over. Rehabilitative alimony comes with a specific plan to obtain vocational skills or attend an educational program. If circumstances change, either spouse may petition to change the award.

Alimony ceases upon the death of either spouse or the remarriage of the receiving spouse. Rehabilitative alimony is the only exception the remarriage clause. There are a variety of factors that affect the award. Discuss this with your divorce attorney to get more information on your particular case.

Considering Cremation

If you’re trying to decide how you want your family to carry out your final wishes and whether you want to be buried or cremated, consider some of the benefits that come along with cremation. There are also a few cons associated with cremation that you should think about as well. No matter what you choose, you should make your final plans known in writing so that family members are aware of your decisions.

One benefit of cremation is that it’s less expensive than a burial. If you don’t have life insurance and don’t have a lot of money saved, then this might be the best option that you have available. Most cremation Westchester IL funeral homes will offer a memorial service so that family and friends can say their goodbyes and so that it resembles a funeral instead of simply placing an urn on a small table. You can also rent a casket to use during the memorial service so that you take into consideration the feelings of those who might not agree with cremation. A direct cremation is an option as well. This means that the funeral home will take care of the cremation process and give the ashes to a family member. The family can then keep the ashes or scatter them where they see fit.

Cremation is an option to consider if you want something that is quick and efficient. If you are faced with a decision to make about a family member who has passed away, then this might be an option that you want to consider if you don’t have a lot of time to make a decision about a burial or a cremation. This is an environmentally friendly option since there won’t be a burial in the ground. Many cemeteries are now overcrowded, which means that if you’re cremated, you will allow space for someone else who does want to have a traditional burial or someone who has already paid for the services.