Celebrities Posing for Magazines with Cigarettes

Last night, while I was watching the television, I was able to catch the news about Nora Aunor and Anne Curtis posing for magazines holding cigarettes. Nora Aunor is a great actress in her time and has a beautiful singing voice, and yes she poses for the YES magazine with a cigarette in her hands simply because she smokes. She said during the interview as to why it was the cover picture, she just said that why should the people make a big deal out of it when everybody knows she is a smoker. Anne Curtis on the other hand poses for Rogue magazine holding a cigarette in her hand looking so fashionable in a way. Anne Curtis is a great actress of this generation and I am one of her fans.

And yes, when I saw the news, I was disappointed with both of them. I can’t even stop myself from not posting a status in my Facebook account stating that I am a fan and at the same time disappointed with their poses. Why? Simply because posing for a magazine, knowing that you are famous and those teenagers who idolizes you thinks everything you do is cool and just right for everyone who is at your age or somewhere close to it, is like encouraging them to do what you are doing.
Many people have reacted in my FB status and said that it is their right, having the freedom of expression, and the parents should guide their children to back away or stay away from smoking, or that it is their life so why bother. Look, I am a parent, but cigarettes in our country are sold like candies in every Sari-sari Store next to your house. The teenagers can buy them easily, the store owners, thinking that they need to earn too, will not bother ask the buyers for whom it is bought for. Children and teenagers spent most of their time during the day outside their homes, outside their parent’s watchful eyes, so how can the parents know that their youngsters are on the verge of getting addicted to smoking? Smoking is not healthy and smoking kills. And yet a lot of people are addicted to it, simply because they have started to smoke at a very young age and even though they wanted to quit they just cannot do it because it is so hard to quit that habit. If we can help it, we should not be curious and try it and regret it afterwards.

6 thoughts on “Celebrities Posing for Magazines with Cigarettes

  1. you have a point there, but on part I’m torn between freedom of expression and keeping our society clean and the significant role celebrities play in the course of existence …

    bottomline, parents have a lot of explaining to do to their why and why not smoke despite Ann their idol is into it.. sad!

  2. how disappointing of Anne Curtis, she claims to be a strong Christian. It’s true, teens idolize these people so much they would think whatever their idols do is cool– but it could be at the expense of their health and untimely death. These stars should be more careful.

  3. i was also surprised when i heard the news last night jo. i know it’s not unlikely for celebrities to be smoking, but at least they should know that many young people look up to them. but glad to know too that Rogue magazine took a step in not circulating yet the edition.

  4. They should know that they are a public figure and show some good example. Ok lang if they really smoke in real life but not to a point na idisplay pa sa pictures. It’s not cool!

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