Cetaphil: The only Cleanser that I use

I want to share with you my only beauty secret of keeping my skin free from pimples : I only wash my face with water.

So there, that is my secret that I have been keeping for years. You might say that how do I keep my face clean if I don’t use soap or cleansers or moisturizers, well, water keeps my face clean. I wash my face morning and night with nothing but water. You know why I don’t use cleansers or moisturizers? Because I had tried using one when I was 16 years and the next morning, pimples appeared every where. A friend told me to keep using the cleanser and the pimples will just go away but instead the pimples kept coming back. So I swore never to apply anything on my face again. Until now.

When I was chosen to be a Cetaphil Ambassador together with other bloggers, I have decided to use the product, my kids are using it so why not try it on myself. I have use the product because I believe in it and I don’t want to make false reviews about it. So now my beauty regimen includes washing my face early in the morning and before I sleep at night with Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. And thankfully, no pimples sprouted all over my forehead and cheeks.

After being chosen as one of the Cetaphil Ambassadors, I realize that there are so many products that I could actually use. I learned that there are Cetaphil soap bar, moisturizers and hydrating lotions which I never knew before.

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  1. Raya says:

    I am really curious about this product and have read so many positive reviews about it. I will try to look for it here in Bkk, hope they sell it here.

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