Cherry Mobile

I have a new phone and guess what it is :

Nope, it is not a calculator, it does look like one.

I have seen this one and I got curious so when we went to a mall in Davao City, I looked for this one and checked it out.

It is cheap, costs around 899php ($21) so we (me and Gerry) bought two. Yellow for me, Black for him.

We always bring it with us because you can’t tell when your battery goes out and you don’t have any electricity around. So having a spare phone is a big help. And besides, it is so light you can’t even tell if you have it in your pocket or bag.

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  1. Hi, long time no visit here 🙂

    I have one from Torque that looks like a calculator. It’s what I tell my kids to bring to school, no one will suspect it’s a phone and steal it, hahah!

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