Chicay’s 6th Month Celebration

My baby girl turned 6 months old last September 17 and my brother asked me to celebrate it at his own expense. I mean, he will pay for all the food that we will prepare. He said he wants a mango float so I did make a mango float, and I shared the recipe in my food blog. Aside from that we also have chocolate crinkles from Totsy’s (it is one bakeshop that specializes on cakes and pastries in Valencia City). My bf cooked spaghetti and yes we bought a chocolate roll (another favorite from Totsy’s).

8 thoughts on “Chicay’s 6th Month Celebration

  1. happy 6th month birthday to your little princess! time flies and before you knew it, she will be celebrating her first! I bet my daughter will like the mango float. I’ll dig up your archive to see the recipe.

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