Chicay’s Cabinets with Post-Its!

I am not an OC kind of Mom. Our room is sometimes cluttered because of my children’s toys and stuffs and I am alright with that. I clean the room or ask my baby’s yaya to tidy the room up.

I am the one who put my daughter’s clothes inside her cabinets so her yaya and my mom doesn’t know where to get her pajama, or her panties or her t-shirts and because my baby daughter’s cabinet has 5 drawers they have to open everything before they can found what they need. So I took the liberty of using my colorful Post-Its and put it in every drawer in my daughter’s cabinet. I meticulously write the things that can be found in each drawer so that the next time they need to change Chicay’s cloth diapers they don’t have to open every drawer just to find the right one which has the cloth diapers in it.
These post-its has been sitting up for so long already in my old boxes because I don’t feel like using it but now, I have found the right uses for it than using it as a scratch paper.

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