Choose Your Insurance Wisely

When I decided to insure myself to Malayan Insurance Family Protect Plus I received a letter from them and here is what they said to me:

Dear Policyholder,
Thank you for choosing Family Protect Plus as your insurance plan. You have taken an important step in safeguarding the financial security of your family.
The attached Confirmation of Cover (COC) will provide you with the summary of the terms and conditions of your coverage. Please read through the provisions carefully.
If you have questions regarding your coverage, you may call YGC-CSI at (02)894-2890. Our Customer Care Officers will be most pleased to assist you.
Thank You.

So, after reading that beautiful letter, I cannot attest to its truthfulness. I have made a BIG MISTAKE when I decided to choose Family Protect Plus as my insurance plan. And though I have read through the provisions carefully, I have not quite understood why it is so hard to make a claim with them. And their Customer Care Officers are not pleased to assist me.

My son was admitted last year for 4 days. According to my COC, my son’s daily hospitalization benefit is 1,250php per day. It is just a small amount but it will be a very big help to my son’s hospital bills. I have sent the needed documents last January through LBC and I have waited for so long for Malayan Insurance to call me. So last March I have decided to call their hotline using my mobile phone because we don’t have landlines here in my place. The Customer Care Officer just told me that they have not received any documents and that they will check their files first then they will call me back. I haven’t heard from them so I called them back last April, and again the Customer Care Officer told me that she will just call me if they can find my files and that she will ask the person who is assigned to receive such documents and so I waited for her call. Oh how time flies, but still, they have not called my cellular phone number to confirm if they have or they have not received my documents.

And now, May is almost over, so I decided to call their hotline number 02-242-8888-495 and guess what, I was transferred ten times!!! I am so tired of telling them, saying that “hey, I want to follow up with regards to my claims about the Family Protect Plus, etc” and then the person I am talking to would just say “Oh, this is not the claims department, I will transfer you to them”, TEN TIMES! Hey, doesn’t anybody of you know where to connect my call? Aside from being transferred TEN TIMES, they also cut the line. I mean, I was calling, using my cellular phone, and the Customer Care Officer would tell me, wait for a moment Ma’am then the line just went dead twice! CUSTOMER CARE my a**. I am your client and I deserve not to be mistreated.

So now, I have decided to STOP my Insurance Plan with them and they give me a f*ckin not working number. 894-2890, that is the number where I could talk to somebody with a common sense and it is not WORKING! I told the woman I am speaking to that I am just using my cellular phone and that we don’t have a land line number and if that number should be dialled with an area code or something and she told me that it can be dialled using my phone and voila, it didn’t work.

Hello Malayan Insurance marketing people, would you mind stop me from blabbering here and will you please email me with something worth my while. I want to cancel MY INSURANCE POLICY with you and I want you to stop charging my credit card because HONESTLY, I AM NOT SATISFIED with the way you deal with your client. I think you need to study and understand more about your INSURANCE POLICY and have your employees attend seminars to know what they needed to do with their work because I think, oh no, I believe they do not know what they are doing.

Friends, if you are thinking of insuring yourself, better stay away from Malayan Insurance. Hmmm, maybe it is okay if you live in Makati or near Makati so you can drag your a** in their office and talk to them face to face when you are making claims, rather than talking with them on the phone. I am paying a small premium every month compared to other insurance policies but just because I am paying a rather small amount doesn’t mean that you will not give me what is due to me.


  1. Pinay Mommy Online says:

    And I thought you were blogging about recommending them, gosh, I am so wrong. Thanks for warning us with your experience with them. I am planning to look for an insurance company that will help me too with my three kids.

  2. sigrid @ earn money says:

    Oh that’s bad! Don’t they have an office near your place moms?

    I don’t have Malayan insurance and after reading this, I sure am glad that I have never gotten any policy with them.

    As for medical coverage, I have different plans with Philam and PruLife. And so far with Philam, I didn’t have problems with my hospital claims.

    It’s true, we should really be careful when choosing our policies. We pay hard earned money for them.

  3. Mel Avila Alarilla says:

    Life insurance is an investment that is a necessity. With the uncertainties of the times, it is good to be wise and leave something behind to our loved ones when we leave this earth. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

  4. Phebie says:

    sis have you tried to visit their office here in CDO personally? After reading your post, I was really in doubt whether to trust any insurance company as of this time because I have heard negative comments not just from that company but any others too. Goshes memeng, you better stop your policy with them because they’re not actually protecting your family as of today and how much more in the future! dba?

  5. Chubskulit Rose says:

    It’s time to get rid of them! That’s one problem about insurance there in our country. I have purchased one before I left and I am not sure if I will be able to benefit from it.

  6. Tess says:

    Insurance plan is really a must nowadays especially here in the US. Check up and hospitalization costs a lot of money .Luckily hubby has medical and dental insurance for all of us.

  7. Jessica Cassidy says:

    I only ask my hubby deal with that kind of crap coz he is good with it 🙂 You do not deserve this kind of s*** and definitely you deserve better than kind of insurance who does not know how to take care of their customer 🙁

  8. Haylee says:

    Hmmm wise decision u stop paying them nlng .kng e kaltas evry month talaga?tapos if u call them prang wala cla alam tnwag pa nilang -costumer service – Wla din nman pla silbi ,bttr keep mo nlng money bes .. I don’t know the rules jan s pinas kc nde ko ntry insurance jan but its unfair nde mo kaya pinupulot pm bayad jan.. Pinas talga wala ng pg babago 🙁

  9. jheylo says:

    That’s true! Before signing any contract especially for the insurance, you have to read the fine prints thoroughly. The sad thing is that when the agent wont give you a satisfying assistance when you needed them.

  10. Gene says:

    Buti na lang you posted this so more people will learn not to get a plan from them. How about calling your credit card company and cancelling the auto-charge?

  11. Jade says:

    Oh my gosh this is what I hate in companies here. I don’t trust this insurance companies in the Philippines. They are only good in receiving your money but when the time comes that you need them, they leave you hanging on the air.

  12. Jen Ming says:

    Hi Maam. Were you able to finally get your claim? Or did you have it cancelled? May I ask your help as I need a cancellation form of the auto-debit mode of payment for this kind of Insurance. I am contacting them constantly but they didnt send me the form. I dont think they will. Geez.

  13. bobet says:

    just a while ago, a telemarketing agent offered me this, she talked sweet, every beautiful benefits of this insurance, when i asked for a copy of the terms and conditions, she told me it is not allowed, so i refused to commit, and told her i will evaluate first her offer, and thanks i came across your blog, this helps!

  14. Jemax says:

    sir Help naman tanung ko lang po nacancel mu po ba ung family protect mu?anu po ginawa mu para macancel sya sa credit card. kasi akin pinapacancel ko ayaw pumayag ng Malayan insurance anu dapat ko gawin eh ayaw naman ako tulungan ng credit card ko para macancel tong family protect plus ng Malayan insurance Help po please…..

    • zoan says:

      call the credit card hotline, you can ask them to stop or cut the payment to the insurance company or if they will not do such thing, you can tell your credit card issuing bank to simply cut your credit card.

    • HANZ says:

      Jemax anu nangyari sa family protect mo? i got avail this taz nung pinapaputol ko ayaw pumayag ni wala naman akong pinirmahan na plicy contract

      • Fran says:

        same here…anong nangyari sa policy nyo? napasto payment nyo ba? ayaw ako tulungan ng credit card issuing bank kasi nga under the same group sila

    • HANZ says:

      Jemax anu nangyari sa family protect mo? i got avail this taz nung pinapaputol ko ayaw pumayag ni wala naman akong pinirmahan na plicy contract.

  15. Sarah says:

    Oh no, I JUST enrolled in a Family Protect Plan this morning. They called me yesterday, and again this morning for follow-up, and I took the cheapest plan.

    Are they really terrible? Did you never get your insurance claim? Do you think I should opt out agad, or do I give them a chance? I only have life insurance right now with another company, so I currently have no non-life coverage.

    • Khloe says:

      me too! they asked me to wait for 40 days for the papers to come but i started already the payment deduction in my credit card….at first i doubt also if i trust the company…better to call our credit card issuing bank on this…

  16. Jorge says:

    Good Day po. Unfortunately, nakapag-avail din po ako ng family protect plus insurance last October 2015 kasi sabi nung nakausap ko na agent, anytime pwede iterminate so sige try ko ng 1 month. After a month pinapaterminate ko na sa Malayan pero hindi daw pwede.

    Ask ko lang po sana kung may nakapagpaterminate po ng plan nila dito at kung paano po. Thanks.

  17. jhel says:

    It’s hard to contact Malayan. Very bad service, it’s not worth it! What I did was, immediately I informed my bank to blocked that Company. Yet I need to pay the bank P 400 for card replacement. Hope this help you.

  18. Imeon says:

    Got the same unpleasant experience. Now, they stilk deducting me the monthly premium..considering that the policy is already expired. They called me and encouraged me to renew my policy with a lower premium but I declined..and still, they continue to charge me thru my RCBC credit card. I wonder why the bank allowed them to charged me,the bank should protect me as client.

  19. denpval says:

    For almost two years of requesting to stop/cancel payment for my family protect insurance,still they continue to charge me thru RCBC bankard. Demand letters keep on coming, so every time I received such letters I go to our RCBC branch to ask what I should do.They gave me numbers to call but before somebody answers, it takes toooooo long to wait, their customer service reps aren’t courteous, then they will give another number for me to call. I value my credit line so I paid when I received a demand letter which I consider as a threat to my good credit standing.Such an unpleasant experience with Family Protect!

  20. Alice says:

    Hi guys! I also have the same experience. I decided to cancel my RCBC credit card because they continue charging Php 750.00 per month but RCBC said they are not authorize to cancel my CC unless they receive the cancellation from the insurance company. Ilang beses na rin akong nag-email insisting to cancel it pero di sila nagrereply. Ano po magandang gawin dito?

    • babylola says:

      Hi There!

      I experienced the same too.. Ayaw akong tulungan nga CS ng RCBC Bankard to cancel the auto debit kase dapat dw sa Malayan Family Protect talaga mangaggaling ung cancellation, but then nung tumawag ako sa Malayan, d dw pwedeng macancel. Pero d naman sinabi nung nag market. kakainis!!

      Saan kayang Governement agency natin pwedeng isumbong to?

  21. Jen says:

    Same with me. I already email them pero no response. My plan is wag na bayaran ang credit card ko, ayw ko sana gawin un dhil ayw ko masira name ko pero di nmn kapakipakinabang ung insurance na un. Anyone here na di na binayaran and what happened po.

  22. Ruth says:

    Someone called me from my credit card and offer this Family Protect Elite Plus. After hearing all those benefits and my family will receive, I initially had it a go signal. After conversing with CSR, I checked for reviews and found this. I immediately call them thru their hotline (02)894-2890 and ask to cancel my policy as I have read negative reviews. I told them I have read a lot of negative reviews with regards to claiming and cancellation of policy. The CSR who offered me the policy cleared that I cannot cancel the policy because it is charge annually but have charged it monthly to the credit card. Then the CSR whom I speak later on told me that you must cancel your policy 2 months before the anniversary thru email and notify them as well when no response received.

  23. Miles Madeleine Biay says:

    I had the same experience. I’ve been trying to call them thru their Customer Service number but no one is answering. I also emailed the YGC customer service but received no response.
    I emailed and within the day I received a call that they are working on the termination of my insurance and I will receive a confirmation within 3 working days.

  24. MRS. P says:

    Twice na akong tinatawagan ng Malayan insurance regarding ng email ko sa RCBC Na pinapaterminate ko yung insurance na inavail ko last semptember. So far pareho lang sinasabi sakin.. di nila pwedeng iterminate kasi annual.

    I made my last email today. Kund di nila kayang protektahan ang account ko as their client sa RcBC.. i wouldnt hesitate to cut my credit card line…

  25. pika says:

    Same problem here. I emailed them thrice but still they don’t want to terminate my policy. I’ve been paying this insurance for more than a yr now. I called them but they won’t terminate it. Help please.

  26. Ms. M says:

    OMG! I just received a call from RCBC offering Family Protect Elite Plus. I did email, cancelling the policy if ever it’s on going already (even without) signed papers or something. I’m worried, sana lang ma cancel!

  27. Leana Rabaja says:

    Na cancel po b mga contracr nio with Malayan Insurance thru RCBC? I emailed all I know na pwede mkatulong because I want to cancel it too.

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