Christmas Gifts

This is a follow-up post for my previous entry. The Christmas gifts I have gave to my son, brother and to my mom.

My brother wanted an air gun, the one with pellet bullets but my mom won’t let him have it, so I just bought him a gun but with a bullet that could not hurt a thing. A Nerf Gun, the bullets are made of Styrofoam, it could take down a toy soldier but won’t hurt a soul. Rashid loves it! It costs me around $17 for the gun and $5 for the extra bullets.

My mom loves Havaianas. I gave her a pair last October I think, and she bought another pair last November but her grandson(son of my cousin’s) have cut the straps. Yeah, Lucas was playing with scissors under the table and he tried his luck on my mom’s jeans but can’t cut it so he goes for the slippers (ahaha).

And for my son, JB, a remote controlled Monster Machine. I already gave him a remote-controlled car during their Christmas party at the school but it was a small one. When I saw this one in Toy Kingdom, I can’t get my eyes off it, I fall in love with it. Okay, I am sorry, I was buying the toy for myself (LOL). But my son LOVES it too. I got it for $48, I think.

Yes, I was totally and officially ROBBED for Christmas.

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