Cloth Diaper

I am a sucker for FREEBIES so when somebody asked me if I want one, I’d always say YES. But, yeah there is a big BUT, if I don’t need nor like the product that is to be given for FREE, I will not sign up nor ask for it. Because I know there are far many more people or mommies who needs it and will definitely use the item.

But this one particular item here, I will not say NO. I have been looking for the perfect cloth diaper online but I just can’t seem to afford it (being the cheapskate that I am). So when somebody, ohh wait, not somebody, when Michell asked if anybody wants to review her handmade cloth diaper I immediately said YES without any hesitation (I just gave birth you know so I really, really NEED it).

I don’t like using disposable diapers, aside from the possible rashes it could give my daughter, it is also quite expensive to use. Imagine if I have to buy at least 3 to 4 diapers for everyday use, how much money will I save from not using it and how much garbage will I not throw away?

The handmade cloth diaper from Michell arrived last Thursday and here it is:
It is fashionable and it looks great. The cloth used doesn’t look cheap nor can be easily torn. Among other things, it is water proof, so when the inserts will be full, it wont leak. Because of its little buttons (I don’t know what its called, those white little circles outside the cloth diaper) it can be used even if my daughter will be a little bigger from now. I think she will be able to use it from now until she’s 2 years old.

And here is my daughter modelling her cute cloth diaper:

If you would like to purchase one for your child, head on to BUNNZOO or TADLE CLOTH DIAPER. They are way cheaper than other cloth diaper sold online and they have so many different and cool designs, and fashionable ones too.


  1. jared's mum says:

    i am looking for cloth diapers since time immemorial, but since plans to stay at home to look after my little man was far from my mind then, i end up settling with the best disposable diapers i can find….but i’d love to try those cloth diapers, maybe we can use it once Jared is potty-training, where to get one? 😉

  2. Karen says:

    I used cloth diapers with my children when they were still babies. My mom recommend me to use bird’s eye cloth. But your cloth diaper looks very unique. Fashion really evolves.

  3. allan says:

    My son uses cloth diapers too. We haven’t herad of this items before so we used the disposable ones. You are correct you can really save in using cloth diapers compared to disposable one especially when your kid pees often. I hope I can have also free samples from Michell. hehehe

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