Coca Cola “Can” Glass

Somebody in the blogosphere heard my woe and yes she is my Fairy Godmother who granted my wish. Most of you may have known that I have been collecting a lot of items. Aside from stamps, postcards and paper bills, I also collect Coca-Cola collectible items. And sad to say that when McDo announce that they have Coca-Cola “CAN” Glass limited edition glasses, I was disappointed. Simply because we do not have McDos here in Bukidnon and the nearest fast food chain is 4 hours away from my hometown.

When I posted my problem in the PMC facebook group, somebody offered to buy the complete set for me and that she would give the glasses as a birthday gift for me. My Fairy Godmother is none other than Mommy Vix or more commonly known as Jared’s Mom.

You just don’t know how I happy I was when I received the package from you sis. I am delighted and happy that I have met someone like you online and I really appreciate the effort and the friendship.

One thought on “Coca Cola “Can” Glass

  1. wow, special mention pa talaga ako!hehe! pleasure to be of help sis. am glad the can glass, simple as they seem, were able to make you happy! 😀

    by the way, am also into postcrossing so i will be sending you a postcard or two soon! thank you for the kind words, sis, i am really touched!

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