Coca Cola Collection

I love Coca-Cola, I have been in the business for 3 years already but my love for the product started when I was still a kid. I can still remember that I once had POG (if you could remember having it), little Coca-Cola toy trucks, Coca-Cola limited edition cards, Coca-Cola miniature bottles and even Coca-Cola spoons and forks. Yes, when I was a kid I used to hunt for bottle caps in the recycle bins and garbage bins in order to collect my fave free items from Coca Cola.

And now that I am a little older than before, I still collect Coca-Cola premium items. I have Coca-Cola plastic glasses, plastic plates, spoon and fork set, Coca-Cola McDo glasses, even Coca-Cola bottles from other countries (I sneaked them in).

Moreover, because I am a Coca-Cola dealer now, and it is Coca-Cola’s 125th year anniversary, they have given us this collectible item:

I love it! Yes I really love this item and I kept it among my other Coca-Cola Collections!

4 thoughts on “Coca Cola Collection

  1. Hi, this is nice ! Do you have extra or are you able to get another one for me ? You can trade or sell to me, i am ok with it. Thanks !

    1. Hi i have that 125 years coca cola commemorative bottle in a box,same on that picture. If you are interested send me a message. Thanks.

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