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I bought my son, JB, a new set of coloring pens and coloring books because he loves them. These cool “Clear Clean Color” pens can only be used on the specific brand of coloring book to get the best result. My son loves it because the first time he puts the color to the paper, it doesn’t show any color or just a little of it, then afterwards, the color becomes so vivid and clear and it is so hot.

We both enjoy coloring books nowadays, and what can I wish for? I have my son with me and we both enjoy our time together and I just hope that even though the time will come that his father will claim paternity and his rights to my son, my son will still chose me.

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  1. my youngest son who’s already 11 yrs. old loves to color, this time he doesn’t need a coloring book, he draws and then colors it hihi

    don’t you worry, not unless proven that you’re incapable of raising up your son, the father can’t just get him without the court order, paternal rights of visiting can do but getting him, no way!

  2. My daughter and I love to color too. That’s one of our bonding activities 🙂
    I understand how you feel…I also am sometimes afraid that my daughter might choose her dad over me, when the time comes. but I’m sure, your son would still choose you, because you are trying to give him the best life possible.

  3. Dont worry sis, when that time comes that the Dad will make his presence felt, your child will never leave you…I am sure that he will choose you because of the love and nurture that you are providing him…hugs and kisses sis…

  4. @joy: tama, pero minsan naiisip ko din, darating ang panahon na baka my son will ask me if pwde bang dun muna sya sa tatay nya. gusto ko man ipagkait, pero kung un gusto ng anak ko para ma kumpleto sya, sino ba ako para tumanggi:(
    @pepper:oo sis, pipiliin nila tayo, dba? kasi tayo ngluwal at nagpalaki sa kanila. tayo ang tumayong ama at ina sa kanila:)
    @cielo:thanks sa encouragement:) at sa dalaw din 🙂

  5. napadaan…kakaibang coloring books…mahilig din magcolor daughter ko meron ba nyan sa national bookstore? Anyway, your son will surely stay with you because you’re the one who takes care of him 🙂

  6. hello dothy thanks sa pagdaan 🙂 I dont know, kasi binili ko sya sa store dit sa BUkidnon na mga imported binebenta eh ehehe

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