Commonwealth Insurance Company

When you are looking for a Car Insurance, what are the things you need to consider? As for me, I see to it that the company is reliable. Reliable in the sense that they are responsible and they are true to their words of promise, that they will help me in times of need. Before I continue, I want to be clear, this is not a PAID POST/SPONSORED POST, I am a satisfied CUSTOMER/CLIENT of Commonwealth Insurance Company, Valencia Bukidnon branch.

My family owns vehicles that is why I know how car insurances works and I know what car insurance to get. When you own a car, you need to have a comprehensive insurance, though it is not required in registering your car, it is necessary because it will be your safety net in case you meet an accident. A comprehensive insurance covers your car’s own damage, bodily injury to the passengers, property damage and sometimes even the acts of nature.

What I like most about Commonwealth Insurance Company is that they have good customer relations and they are approachable. Every time our vehicles met an accident, they would help us immediately. After all the requirements are submitted, our vehicle will be on its way to the shop and will be fixed in no time.

Commonwealth Insurance Company have paid us more than 5 times already. So I am a satisfied client of them, I highly recommend it to my friends especially those who are near here. Commonwealth Insurance Company has many branches all around the Philippines, just in case you want to try this company, look for the nearest office near you.

The Commonwealth Insurance Company I am with is located in Sayre Hiway, Hagkol, Valencia City Bukidnon, contact number 088-828-4485/088-828-6416.

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