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I was born in a place where my neighbors are 2 blocks away. But as our town progresses, more and more people built their houses and home next to us which means we’ve got more neighbors now. I have been living in this town for so long already, 27 years that is, minus the four years that I lived in an apartment in Cagayan de Oro City when I went to get my degree. Sometimes I wonder how it is to live in the city where I seldom see bungalow type or mansion houses. Apartments and pads are all there is, plus condo of course.

A friend of mine who went abroad find it hard to look for a beautiful house with a front porch which was her first choice of course. But then again, I told her to try to check out condos downtown Austin because maybe it will suit her style. I think living in condo is better than having a whole house, it is not hard to maintain (note:cleaning the dust all over the place is hard), and you can live well on your own (you don’t need to hire a house help that is). I haven’t tried living in a condo but I usually see people who live in these luxury condos in different Hollywood and Filipino movies which makes me envious. Envious in the sense that they can afford to live on their own independently without their parents poking on their every move (yeah, checking your bedroom at 9 pm to check if you are hom or not).

Condo living is suitable for single and married alike I believe. If you are single then you can choose to have a condo which is a bachelor type, or if you are married then check out those condos that have at least 2 bedrooms.

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  1. Aside from the building life span, the no pet policy of most of the condos we checked out held us back. Good thing we were able to buy a property that’s the same price but bigger and flood-free!

  2. I live in a condo (Cityland Tower 22nd floor) when we were still in Manila. It was good for we are safe from flood. However, when there’s an earthquake, the aftershocks will last for weeks.

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