Congratulations Craig!!!

Who is CRAIG? Well, he is one of my favorite cousin, we used to play together when we were young. We also had a lot of pictures together and I do have that one picture which I treasure so much. I even uploaded it on Facebook but I will have to share it here some other time because my internet connection is acting so slow.

Now that you know who Craig is, the next question that I need to answer will be why am I congratulating him, right? Well, I am congratulating him because he just passed the BAR exam! Yes, he is now a LAWYER and well, the first in our family tree. I am so PROUD of him, I mean, we are so proud of him.

The Philippine BAR exam is one of the hardest exams in the Philippines and there are a lot of people who take it failed, there are also some who took it 3 to 5 times before they passed it, but my cousin took it ONE TIME and he passed it.

This is a BIG CELEBRATION for us.

One thought on “Congratulations Craig!!!

  1. WOW! Congratulations to Craig! That calls for a celebration, indeed!

    The last time I attended a thanksgiving for the same achievement, halos isang buong baranggay nakikikain… but I believe it’s all worth it. Isipin mo na lang how grateful they are for passing such tough process of meeting their dreams. A truly worth celebrating event!

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