Continuing and Making New Family Traditions

Somewhere in our memory, we all have memories of family holiday traditions and of how special occasions were acknowledged and celebrated. Woven into our remembrance tapestry there may be images of how a home was decorated or of a special gift-giving tradition that generated eager anticipation. One of the best ways to honor the people who made those memories possible is to continue those traditions. An excellent way to assure that future generations have memories to treasure is to start new traditions that can be continued for years to come.

Nostalgic Gifts

In the 1940s a decorative accessory arrived on the scene that became a popular gift for children. That item was a snow globe. A gentle shake gives kids and adults a mesmerizing view as they gaze into the globe and watch “snow” or sparkles gently drift downward inside the globe. Today, water globes are one of those unique and special gifts that transcend time, They can become a treasured possession for anyone or any age.

Start Your Own Tradition

Getting a child or a newly married couple started with some type of collection is an ideal way to create a new tradition. You could get a child, grandchild or newlywed couple started with a certain type of collection and as each gift-giving occasion arises you can add to their collection. Jim Shore figurines are a diverse assortment of beautiful collectibles that can stir emotion, generate smiles and acknowledge special moments. A display of adorable figurines is lovely in any home.

Memories of Home

Many families pull out the same holiday decorations year after year. Some new items may be added and some worn-out items discarded, but there’s almost always a few items that endure and are ultimately passed to the next generation. When you give your family members a collectible that can become a part of each year’s Christmas or Thanksgiving decoration, you’ll be doing something that will create memories that can last from one generation to the next.

Life is full of memory-making moments that everyone should treasure. Finding ways to preserve those memories and creating new ones is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and your family. Specific types of gifts can become a tradition, but time spent together can create the most treasured memories.

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