Counting My Blessings

Upon reading my title post, what comes to your mind? Have you recently, counted your blessings? Because I have not. And thanks to the BC Bloggers MEME that I am compelled to sit back and think.

I am blessed with a Beautiful Family. It is a blessing that sometimes I tend to forget. I may have sometimes quarrel with my little brothers, I sometimes get irritated with my son, and I sometimes get hurt with what my parents tell me, but still, we are a family. We have each other and forever it will be.

I am blessed by overcoming my problems. Yes, just recently I encountered a problem with my business and thanks to God for guiding me, for helping me, and for telling me what to do to keep my business smoothly running.

I am blessed with the people around me. I have not counted my workers/employees as a blessing when I should have and I realized it now. They are helping me with my business and it will not grow if I don’t have trustworthy people who works for me.

Online Prizes. I won in Make or Break’s Smart Mom contest and the prize has arrived yesterday. The loot includes Smart Steps Baby Laundry Detergent, Smart Steps Baby Fabric Softener, and Smart Steps Baby Bottle Cleanser. I am a SMART MOM indeed and thank you to the people who shared and like my entry for the online contest. I will not be spending money on my baby’s detergent and fabric conditioner for at least 3 months I guess.

Every new day is a blessing. Last week, the bf suffered a motorcycle accident and I am glad he is fine now. We went to the hospital for n x-ray and ct scan and we are glad that everything is okay. He has cuts and bruises and I think it will be gone in few days. So I am thanking God for every new day that comes, that we are able to wake up and see Mr. Sun or wake up on a cool rainy morning as long as we will be able to wake up.

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