Cowboy Outfit For My Daughter

Having a daughter makes me happier because I now have a real-life baby doll. I mean, hey, having a daughter is great because you can dress her up with all the pretty clothes for little girls you can find in the mall and online shops.

Last month, my friends were so busy looking for different country costumes because their children needs to wear one in celebration for the United Nations event.

A friend borrowed these from me:

She said that her little sister represents a country that wears Cowboy costumes. I am glad that I keep the Cowboy hat that my grandfather’s brother gave me 15 years ago, and the Cowboy vest that my brother own which my mom bought from an Ukay-Ukay store. The Cowboy boots is not mine, I borrowed it from my cousin. And yes I cannot wait for my little girl to grow up and join events like this one.

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