December Twenty, Twenty Twelve

Today is supposed to be one of the most unforgettable happiest days of my life.

My daughter turned 9 months old last Monday, December 17, 2012 and aside from that, I had a very bad memory for that day and I will never forget that. I will never forget that on that day, the most special person in my life turned away from me. I cannot blame him and I know that there is no one to blame but myself. I am not a perfect person, a perfect lover nor a perfect friend. I have lapses, I forget things that I should have been doing and sometimes, I do things that I knew I will regret eventually.

And just like any relationship, it was FUN while it lasted. Last night was also a very memorable night. I never thought I could act up so stupid and call DJ Mo and ask for an advice. There I am, the first caller in Line 2, waiting for an honest advice from a man’s point of view. Erwan was cool and DJ Mo was totally frank and honest.

I know I shouldn’t be writing about these things but I miss writing on my diary about my heart aches. I need someone who will listen to me without judging me or judging the situation I am in. It’s funny because this is not the first time that I have a break-up, I have been into these situations too many times already and I know that I will be okay after a month or two.

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