Develop a Decorative Teen Room on a Budget

Most teens, especially girls, love to stock up on trendy decorative pieces, but may not understand how expensive they all are! If you’d like to make your teen’s room to look fabulous but still stay within a budget, it’s possible to be frugal and teach her how to be sensible about what she selects. Go on a shopping trip with her and visit décor stores that offer trendy pieces that are within both of your price ranges. Then you can watch your teen’s eyes light up when you both discover elements such as cheap corner sofas that she can now incorporate into her space at a reasonable price.

Reasonable Ideas – Start out by setting up a plan of what she’d like to add to her room and ask her how she plans on revamping the space. If she wants a chandelier in her room that’s great, but is she aware of how much they cost? Have her save up and decide if a chandelier is really what she desires to place in her room. Once she starts putting away money to get a sparkly chandelier she may change her mind and decide to use the money for several elements as opposed to just one.

What Does She Need – What she needs and what she wants are two different matters. Of course there are always more elements to add to a beautiful space, but if she takes the time to write down what she really wants as opposed to absolutely everything she’d like to have, she may discover just how much she’s asking for. Hopefully this will help her understand how much stylish décor costs and she’ll come to the realization that it is important to decide on just a few pieces as opposed to many that add up quickly in price.

Room Vision – If she seems sporadic in her decision making or on the other hand knows exactly what she wants, either way it’s still okay to guide her through the decision process. Her plan may undoubtedly include a brand new set of bedroom furniture, but going for the cheap corner sofa is a better idea because it will still look nice with a trendy room with modern elements that suit her taste. Then she can add to it with a few patterned pillows of her choosing and a throw that’s bright and colorful!

Sierra always looks forward to decorating and showcases this on her blog Ocean Dreams. However, decorating on a budget is always on her mind and she recognizes that this is a great goal to have during any decorating process.



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