Dictionaries and Books

I have feel in love with books from the time I have learned how to read. My mom taught me how to read using Comics and I even though it was in our local dialect, it helped a lot. I can still remember that I used to have a collection of different books, from Tagalog pocket books to English novels, from story books to reader’s digest, and of course from dictionaries to encyclopedias. I still have them in my room; I have three bookshelves to boast. What I never had was a talking Arabic dictionary, by the name itself this must be digital. When I was in College, I have a Korean friend who gave me a sideline work. That is to teach her high school Korean friends English, they do not know Basic English so it was hard work for me but they have this gadget which is so cool because it translates English words to Korean words and vice versa. Through this gadget, we were able to understand each other and through this gadget they have come to learn how to speak English.

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