Do I Look Like a BAG to YOU?

I don’t look at the mirror in my wall every day but I do know that I don’t look like a “bag”, a “shoe” or a “dress”. I have spent 2 hours today “UN-TAGGING” myself from different photos in Facebook which doesn’t look like me at all.

I am exhausted and my fingers hurt so much and I didn’t had FUN at all. It is not that I hate it when people tag me with what they sell online, it’s fine with me actually because I do like shopping online but please, please DO NOT TAG ME WITH EVERYTHING YOU SELL ONLINE ON YOUR FACEBOOK ACCOUNT. I get it, I know that you are an online seller and that you have an online shop but if I am interested in buying, I will browse your online site or your Facebook page for that matter.

My Facebook Profile looks like an ONLINE STORE already that is why I am un-tagging myself from so many photos of different Facebook shops. I do appreciate it when you tag me with something that I am interested with but let me say this again, do not tag me with all the photos in your Facebook album.

2 thoughts on “Do I Look Like a BAG to YOU?

  1. Hahaha! Ako, in-iunfriend ko ung mga ‘friends’ ko na tag ng kung ano ano. They are school,ates in high school pero wala kaming interaction sa FB. tag lang sila ng tag ng condo at weight loss herbals.

    i suggest UNFRIEND

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